In 2016, I Do Hereby Resolve…

cornfieldlogo…to refrain from responding, reacting, to engaging in any dialogue with any extreme ideologue on any post, report, blog, tweet or comment. To do so is a fool’s errand. It is simply “casting pearls before swine”.

Trying to have a real discussion or interact with an extreme ideologue, no matter which end of the spectrum, is like ramming your head into an immutable force. You keep doing it hoping that eventually you may make a dent or create a crack, refusing to realize it is immutable. It don’t budge.

It doesn’t matter how level-headed or logical your words or writings if it doesn’t match with the extreme ideologue’s position, you are automatically discounted and declared wrong. It doesn’t matter how many facts, statistics, irrefutable evidence are presented, the extreme ideologue will promptly be dismissive.

Both ends of the spectrum of ideology claim to be open to dissussion, claim to be seekers of the truth, claim to have a position on the higher ground, but unless your perspective is 100% on par with the extreme ideologue’s you are living in a world of delusion. While each polar opposite claims to be ready to see all sides, study all facets of a given issue or concern, to the extreme ideologue, there is only one side, there is only one facet. There are no shades, no contrasts, no variations nor truth from both ends that can meet and match in the middle.

For those of us who can see there is more than what is visible immediately on the surface and that there are layers to peel through before finding the gem in the center, we are dismissed and castigated. We, who are open, are not wearing blinders, are labeled herectics, wishy-washy, straddling the fence, unable to take a stand. This of course is as far from the truth and reality as one can get.

The reality is those of us who can “see clearly now, the rain has gone” are able to make informed decisions and make informed statements of belief that encompasses all that is around us. We do stake a claim. We do fight for what is right. We do hold our own.

From the Cornfield, in 2016, for as long as I remain upon this plain of existence, I hereby resolve to not engage in Don Quixote quests of jousting with the windmills of extreme ideology.

This is not to be construed as a boycott of other points of view, nor on not reading others’ comments and reports. What this resolution states is that in most instances, while I may follow, may peruse, may take in what is stated in both the posting and comments, I may in most cases refrain from commenting myself except in cases of clear factual error or whether to not comment would be a crime of gross negligence on my part.