Open Season

From the Desert with my feet planted firmly in the Cornfield

Surely I must have been sleeping or in a Rip Van Winkle type of coma. There is no way I could have missed state legislatures and Congress passing a law which declared a new hunting sport where law enforcement officers were the target.

But apparently something occurred when I was not paying attention in which open season was declared on police.

This past week the 24th person who wears a badge was gunned down in Texas while he was pumping gas into his patrol car. This came hours after protesters in Minnesota were heard chanting, “Fry the bacon.”

Last year, 27 officers were gunned down. At the current rate, some 36 peacekeepers will be dead by year’s end.

All of this is happening, according to some, because there are bad people wearing the badge and donning the uniform among the thousands who daily put their lives on the line. The reality of those thousands who are courteous, take their oath to heart, makes no difference to some in our country. The good of these officers cannot outweigh the wrong of the few who need to be rooted out and cut from the force.

The only option, according to some, is to target any and all law enforcement to compensate for wrongs past and present, perceived or real. Rule of law does not apply.

A couple of years ago there was a movie which came out and was popular with some, especially our youth, where for one night each year, anything goes. Lawlessness ruled for that one night – including murder.

I am beginning to believe that in some parts of our great nation, this movie is being taken to heart and brought to life. Yes, there are very clear violations by some police officers. There are those police officers who have literally gotten away with murder.

One such example is the case of mentally ill Kelly Thomas who was beaten to death. His beating was preserved on video, yet a jury found the rogue officers not guilty.

But not all cases are so in-your-face or where a jury, in my opinion, got it wrong.

Anarchy is not the answer for those who disgrace the uniform. Taking “justice” into one’s own hands is not the solution to right the wrongs, whether real or unreal.

Vigilante justice only leads to a mob mentality where unlawful lynchings take place in the public square.

Yes, I realize that more officers die each year involved in vehicle incidents.

Yes, I realize some officers die in pitched gun battles with gangs and other criminals.

But what we have going on in the nation today is an open season to “punish” any and all police officers – most who are innocent of any slight, imagined or in fact.

The incident in Houston is reminiscent of the cold-blooded murder last December of two New York police officers sitting in their squad car. It is the same warped mentality putting a red letter on law enforcement.

This ought not to be.

There are methods in place to root out those who bring shame to the blue. These must be utilized.

Powers that be, whether commissioners, chiefs, city or county councils, must be willing to put the hammer down and require city, county and state enforcers of the law to comply in a professional manner or be booted from the force.

There is no excuse for either citizens to give in to the baser human nature any more than there is no excuse for those sworn to serve and protect to violate community and societal standards.

From the Desert with my feet firmly planted in the Cornfield, it is time to stop the insanity. It is time we “revoke” the vile “law” which has declared police “open season”.