Pence Takes the Night


As anyone who knows me or follows my posting From the Cornfield is aware I am not a fan of my Governor Mike Pence. I did not vote for him in 2012 and had he run would not have voted for him this year in a re-election bid.

But last night’s one and only Vice Presidential Debate was clearly a win for Pence. Pence, who is the Republican vice presidential nominee, was calm, cool and collected. He stayed on point.

Pence refused to be lured down a primrose lane lined with thorns, but pivoted adroitly through the pendulums of disaster axes.

His opponent, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, came across as more wired than that fuzzy, pink bunny that keeps going and going. It is if Kaine had downed too many energy drinks before coming on stage.

Within the first half hour, Kaine seemed petulant, overly aggressive and out-and-out rude, trying to walk on top of Pence’s statements. Pence came across more presidential and in command of the stage than any of the current candidates running in this presidential election year.

Pence was a total contrast to the top of the ticket, his running mate, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

But the big question is did Pence stop the bleeding from self-inflicted wounds his running mate opened over the past week?

What we may have seen last night is the person who will be front runner in either the 2020 or 2024 presidential election.

From the Cornfield, Pence takes the night. Hoosiers all over the Cornfield are proud of their Governor this morning, whether they will or have voted for him or not.

A Ticket Worth Voting For?


This election cycle is not your usual Grandpa’s election.

Where once polished politicians were necessary or were sent packing, this year there is an anger in the land that’s boiling over. There is a bad taste in the mouth of voters for the same-old brown bag lunch of doing business like we have always done business.

This is why Donald Trump is the presidential nominee of Republicans, upsetting the Establishment.

This is why a Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, preaches political revolution and won over 40% of the primary vote.

But one has to wonder if soon-to-be crowned Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is hearing the people. Or is she deaf like Sergeant Carter screaming, “I can’t hear you!

Today she stood for the first time in a rally in Miami, Florida with her new vice presidential pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. She touted his credentials and qualifications, labeling him a progressive, when his voting record is one of a moderate.

In any other election year, this would be an ideal ticket.

Here in the Cornfield and across the heartland, people are fed up with career politicians. There is no way they will hold their nose and vote, no matter which party, where the ticket is a status quo slate.

To be honest, if I were to choose a ticket out of the four candidates of the two major parties, I could see me, in a normal year, voting for either a Mike Pence-Tim Kaine or Tim Kaine-Mike Pence ticket.

Talk about experience, qualifications and a record of reaching across the aisle for the good of the country, that ticket would have it.

But this is an election of outrage at the same old, same old.

Compared to the top of tickets where we have the two most disliked presidential candidates ever, where both have major trust and integrity issues, the second spot slots are filled by two men (yes, not politically correct) who both have no problems with the integrity issue.

I wonder did Hillary hurt, rather than help herself, by picking Kaine, a safe choice, rather than an Elizabeth Warren or trying to drag Uncle Bernie kicking and screaming to Blair House?

From the Cornfield, hold on tight, it is going to be a bumpy ride between now and November.

And remember Pence-Kaine or Kaine-Pence. LOL 😛

Indiana’s Stars Are Shining


What a year it has been for Indiana’s 200th birthday as a member of the Union!

Come December 11, the Hoosier State will celebrate the day it was welcomes into the fold of the United States of America, thus claiming #19 forever. President James Madison was in office and signed the congressional resolution which certified, the Cornfield with its capitol in Corydon in the southern part of the state near the Ohio River as another star on the Grand Ole Flag, the Star Spangled Banner.

Now 200 years later, this bicentennial year has been one which has put the state in the national spotlight.

First there was the Indiana Republican Primary in May. The late date for Hoosiers to cast votes in primary race usually means that how the state votes has no relevance to the outcome of who becomes the nominee of either major party.

This year, that vote counted.

Hoosiers are the ones who put an end to the races of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich to beat Donald Trump to become the GOP presidential nominee.

Even with an endorsement from Indiana’s sitting Governor Mike Pence, Cruz could not rally the troops. Trump walked away with the win.

Now days before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio which will vote Trump the official instead of presumptive presidential nominee, Indiana is capturing attention from coast to coast.

Although he backed Cruz in the primary, Pence is now on the shortest of lists and expected to be named tomorrow at 11 a.m. the running mate of Trump.

The news networks have remained transfixed on Indianapolis, camped out at the Governor’s Mansion, for two days now.

Newt Gingrich flew in to talk to Trump on Wednesday. Jeff Sessions flew in to talk to Trump as well. Chris Christie called in to talk with Trump.

The Trump family flew in and joined their father and step-mother for breakfast yesterday morning with Pence and his family.

Pence’s assistant campaign manager was spotted and interviewed on a plane ride to New York today for meetings at Trump headquarters.

Unlike when another Hoosier was tagged to eventually become Vice President, Dan Quayle who served with President George H.W. Bush, Pence is receiving kudos across the board.

When Quayle was named everyone was scratching their heads and asking who he was. Quayle became fodder for late night comedians.

Pence, on the other hand, is considered to be a safe, smart pick if he is indeed chosen to be Trump’s vice presidential running mate.

From the Cornfield, as you can see the Indiana State flag is torch surrounding by stars.


Tonight those stars are shining brightly.