Hoosier Politics Getting Interesting


What looked to be a rehash of the 2012 election between Governor Mike Pence and former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg may not happen. And that lock it looked like the GOP would keep on retiring Senator Dan Coates seat may not be so safe after all.

The Governor is in the running to be presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick. He will campaign in Indianapolis tomorrow with Trump.

A decision from Trump is expected this week on this Veep pick. However, Pence must decide between now and Friday whether to pull out of his re-election bid. Indiana law will not allow him to run for both a state and federal office at the same time.

Hoosier Republicans, according to scuttlebutt, are now racing to find someone else to run against Democrat Gregg or kiss the Governor’s Mansion good-bye.

A couple of weeks ago I noted that like in 2012, I would be backing Gregg for Governor against Pence. That may change depending on who the GOP puts up to run against him if Pence pulls out of the race.

Now we hear that former Congressman and perennial Democratic candidate Baron Hill announced today he is dropping out of his bid to replace Coates in the US Senate.

Rumor has it Hill, who has been struggling as he faces Congressman Todd Young, a shoe-in to replace the retiring senior Indiana Senator, bid farewell today to make room for another of the Cornfield’s favorite sons.

I may have to rethink who I am voting for Senate now too.

The word on the street is that former, very popular Governor and former, very popular Senator Evan Bayh is putting his name in the hat for a return to the body he left in 2010, calling it too partisan in Washington, DC.

Bayh, who is also the son of a former Senator, the late Birch Bayh, is more moderate and someone Republicans even like. He is a co-founder of the non-partisan No Labels organization.

Yep, Hoosier politics may be getting very interesting indeed.

From the Cornfield, forget the national election, we have a real-live, political slug fest about to happen here at home.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride to outdo anything Holiday World has to offer and waves to beat anything at Indiana Beach.

For me, it’s back to search and research and then search some more before tipping my vote one way or the other.

Talk about splitting a ticket!

Good thing I am an independent moderate.

Hoosiers Are Savvy Voters


Apparently Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina do not know Hoosiers. We can see through the ruse and understand the optics. We will not be fooled.

For Cruz, who is mathematically eliminated from winning the Republican presidential nomination going into the summer convention to be so audacious to choose a running mate is be overly presumptuous.

Cruz is also insulting Hoosier intelligence.

We can do the math. We can read the papers. We know that Hoosiers will either keep your campaign alive or seal your fate.

Choosing a vice presidential running mate does not make you more acceptable or more likely to become the nominee.

For this Hoosier, Cruz reminds me of the huckster at a medicine show hawking snake oil. Or Cruz brings back memories of televangelists living lives of sin while scamming Grannies out of their pennies to support their lifestyle anathema to their preaching.

Hoosiers will not be pawns. Hoosiers will make up their minds without gimmicks and pandering.

Hoosiers may not agree with Donald Trump or John Kasich on all issues, but that does not mean Hoosiers find your shutting down the government and being so rigid as to disrupt governance all that palatable either.

The stunt on Wednesday naming a running mate only makes this Hoosier determined to not vote for Cruz.

While I do like Fiorina, I find this a kink in her armor by accepting the Cruz “Hail Mary” and trying to run with the play. I expected better of Fiorina.

From the Cornfield, give us a break. Don’t misread Hoosiers and do not malign our intelligence or ability to cast an informed decision on your candidacy.

Hoosiers are independent stock.

We will vote not on stunts, but on realities that hit home.