Gary Who?


Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, may be the presidential candidate that few people can name or recognize.

For the second presidential election cycle, Johnson is the nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Johnson, with very liberal views on a number issues is hoping his “live or die” type perspectives will appeal to voters in November.

But exactly who is this man and why is he barely registering a blip of 9% in the national polls?

Can anyone consider him a real candidate or just a sideshow?

Johnson served as New Mexico’s 29th governor from 1995 to 2003, a two-term run.

He competes in triathalons and has low-tax libertarian views.

In business he founded one of New Mexico’s largest construction companies, giving him bona fides on business issues.

Johnson is also out spoken on legalization of marijuana and being “truthful” to children about the drug. This puts him at odds with many conservative voters.

During his tenure as governor, Johnson did cut the state’s budget by using the veto stamp over and over. This practice earned him the nickname of “Governor Veto“. In fact he set a state and national record for use of the veto far outdistancing the governors in the other 49 states.

To his credit when he left office, Johnson left the state with a large surplus. He also was credited with no tax increases in six years, a major road building program, shifting the state-run Medicaid program to managed care.

But is any of this enough to get face-time with voters, let alone general election consideration?

Johnson and running mate, former Republican Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, have appeared in two town halls televised and hosted on CNN already this election cycle.

Johnson did manage to tie for third back during the 2012 presidential race in a CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) straw poll.

Johnson, with his libertarian views, is contending for voters that were attracted to Rand Paul, the Kentucky Senator who tried unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination.

Can Johnson somehow pull off a coup and snare some of those Paul supporters?

Johnson also has a certain appeal to young people, such as those who “felt the Bern” during Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ unsuccessful run for the Democratic nomination.

Can Johnson sign on some of those supporters and keep them from drifting toward Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein?

There are those disenchanted Republicans and independents not satisfied with a choice of Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket.

Can Johnson peel away those #NeverTrump voters who will also never vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?

The struggle for Johnson now is to get on stage in the presidential debates with Trump and Clinton. He has to poll at 15% in order to meet the criteria to debate.

Will Johnson do it?

Learn more about the Johnson-Weld campaign:

From the Cornfield, Johnson may not be able to earn the Electoral College votes to make it to the White House, but there is a possibility he could garner enough support to throw the election into the US House of Representatives.

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‘I Can’t Hear You!’


Summing my best inner Sergeant Carter, “I can’t hear you!

This seems to be the outlook of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Establishment.

For the uninitiated or too young to remember, Sgt. Vince Carter was the Marine drill sergeant who when barking out an order or pronouncement to Gomer Pyle and the rest of the platoon would always bark back when they would answer, “Yes, Sergeant,” “I can’t hear you,” drawing out the hear.

Hillary and her supporters seem to have the same issue with their collective ears.

But she is not alone.

Listening to the media and chattering class, most of them continue to be deaf to what the American voters are saying.

Never mind that over 40% of Democratic voters this primary season went for Uncle Bernie Sanders’ political revolution.

Never mind that the Republican voters tonight hear from their new nominee, Donald Trump, accept the nomination to be President of the United States.

Never mind that every step along the way, the Republican Establishment was upended.

Never mind that every pronouncement from the talking heads and the media was wrong as Trump made his way to Cleveland.

Never mind that there is a real anger in the heartland toward business as usual and following conventional wisdom.

Next week Democrats gather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the Democratic National Convention to crown Hillary as their nominee.

Already surrogates for Hillary and officials of the DNC are talking about how the Democratic Convention will show Trump how a convention should be conducted – how scripted – how the Establishment does it.

Like the journalists and pundits, the Democratic Establishment led by Hillary Clinton do not get it.

They refuse to see what happened during their own primary season when an avowed Democratic Socialist packed in larger crowds than the presumed heiress to the throne of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

They refuse to hear the cries rising and raising the rafters from those who feel the Bern.

Americans in both Republican and Democratic camps, sitting at home, not at the conventions, are summing their inner Paul’s asking, “Can you hear me now?

Indiana Governor and GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence called it right last night when referring to Clinton as the “Secretary of Status Quo.

That is exactly what the American people – no matter political affiliation or without any affiliation – do not want – the status quo.

From the Cornfield, will Clinton take the ear plugs out and hear what Americans are saying?

Or will Trump continue to upset what is supposed to be and win the Oval Office?

Could a double-punch from Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green’s Jill Stein throw the election into the House of Representatives to decide?

Is anyone listening?