Rockets Over the River

Dateline The Desert: Tonight I was privileged to view the 25th Annual Rockets Over the River along the Colorado River put on by the resorts and casinos in Laughlin, Nevada. This was the first of such celebrations since I arrived in the Desert and which I will enjoy many more.

From my position in the south parking lot of the Riverside Resort and Casino, the place that started it all, I was able to video the entire show. The video is rather long, but the show is worth it.

If you were not able to get out and view fireworks as we celebrate the 239th birthday of the US of A or because of the heat and dry conditions your locality did not set the “bombs bursting in air” this year, now is your chance to ooh, ah and clap.


Though from where I was I did not see what happened after the show. There were two sizable fires. The fireworks are launched from the old Pioneer Casino parking lot, which not accessible from the Laughlin side of the river. Two firetrucks were dispatched from Bullhead City, Arizona to put out and contain the blazes.

There have now been reports of 6-7 fires. Last information around 1 a.m. was that some may still be burning.

The firefighters did their duty, but were hampered somewhat by the wind which was blowing about 10 miles per hour. Compound that with the still 100-degree temperature and humidity at 20%.

Kudos to those who made this celebration such a success and to the firefighters who made sure all was well.

From the Cornfield, Happy Birthday, America!