Facing Facts


As I sat watching and listening to the undercard debate of the three out of four Republican candidates who chose to show up this evening, I was struck with one glaring reality:

Time for all three to drop out. While some of the sound bytes were nice with a certain ring to them, none of three can sanely say this is their time.

Perhaps Rand Paul had it right by not showing after being sent to the kids’ table.

Carly Fiorina who was back on the early debate stage since the first debate revealed that running as the female GOP alternative to Hillary Clinton was not enough. Fiorina has acquitted herself well in earlier debates and sounded strong again today.

But time to say, “adieu”. Neither Mike Huckabee, who won Iowa in 2008, nor Rick Santorum, who won Iowa in 2012, have been able to ignite more than a spark of interest. Both candidates are running on yesterday’s issues.

Time to haul it in, boys.

From the Cornfield, time face the facts, none of the three nor Paul, who refused to play the hand dealt, has a chance at the nomination this year.

While I agree with Paul no votes have yet been cast, some times the better part of politics, like with poker, is knowing when to throw in the hand.

Now is the time.

Look for my take on the main debate tomorrow. I do not plan to watch until after my shows tonight when I can watch it online.

Based on this early debate, I prefer to tune into Heroes Reborn, The Blacklist and Shades of Blue during prime time and the debate at 11 p.m. online.