New Email Scandal


As if soon-to-be-anointed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has not been plagued enough over email, she now has to contend with a new scandal involving emails of the Democratic National Committee.

You think the Republicans were in disarray and not united – what about the Democrats as they ready to convene Monday in Philadelphia for their national convention.

Wikileaks released some 20,000 emails hacked from the servers of the DNC earlier this year. Those emails prove that as has been charged from the beginning that the DNC was in the pocket of Clinton and working to prevent Democratic Socialist turned Democrat Bernie Sanders from usurping Clinton’s claim to the throne.

Sanders supporters, which were 43% of the primary vote, have taken to the streets in Philadelphia demanding the head of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

President Barack Obama called to thank Wasserman Schultz for her term as chair, without calling on her to resign immediately.

Clinton released this statement:

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What amazing to me is that in Clinton’s statement, even though she must have the support of those who “feel the Bern” and want nothing to do with Wasserman Schultz, Clinton said that Wasserman Schultz would continue as her honorary chair in her quest to win in all 50 states.

Sounds like a slap in the face to those supporters to me. Already 40% of Sanders’ supporters have said they would not vote for Hillary.

Sanders, appearing this morning with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, expressed his displeasure with the shenanigans to defeat him by the DNC, but said he would work to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Just a short bit ago, Wasserman Schultz released a statement saying she would preside over the convention, banging the gavel to open and close the convention. She said she would resign at the end of the convention.

Yet earlier this morning, it was announced that Wasserman Schultz would not be speaking to the delegates. It was also announced she would not be opening and closing the convention.

Wasserman Schultz in her statement said that she wanted to speak and would speak to the delegates as she convened the national gathering.

It was announced a short bit ago that long-time political operative Donna Braszile, Co-Chair of the DNC would run operations between now and the election. Brazile has maintained her neutrality throughout the primary season. She is also well-respected for her integrity.

Like the private email server Clinton maintained and used while she was Secretary of State, this latest email scandal is not going away. The difference is the current scandal has Democrats marching in the streets. The older scandal has Republicans dancing in the streets.

Will Democrats find a way to unite? When Sanders speaks can he assuage his supporters and rally them to “Stand with Her?

The Clinton campaign is resurrecting the tried and trued “vast right wing conspiracy” with a twist on the latest email scandal. This time around it is “the Russians are coming!

You got it.

The Clinton campaign says that the Russian government hacked the DNC email server and released the incriminating emails to get Trump elected this fall.

It worked in the past, so why not this time around?

From the Cornfield, what looked to be a rather boring convention as usual from the Democrats is turning out to be a barn burner – and it has not even begun yet.

Will Wasserman Schultz open the convention?

Will Wasserman Schultz be blocked and removed rather than allow her to continue or to address delegates?

Stay tuned. The day is still young.