Kernels - Wednesday, January 7, 2015

by Mark  

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Wednesday, January 7th, 2015.

1. Freedom of Speech, Press Attacked! - Two values we in the US of A hold dearly, freedom of speech and a free press, came under deadly attack today in Paris, France. Among the 12 killed by terrorists were journalists and police officers. Another four of the 11 wounded are in critical condition.

The suspected three gunmen, reportedly now identifed, remain at large at this time. The terrorists were dressed in black from head to toe and masked. The conduct of the shooters indicated some type of military training.

It is not yet known if the villains are connected to the Islamic State, Al Qaeda or some other extremist Muslim organization.

Read my thoughts or view my video on this tragedy: Today, I Am Charlie Hebdo.

2. Deadly Sibling Rivalry - Two sisters, 15 and 11, in Florida have been charged in the gun death of their 16-year-old brother while their parents were out of town on a truck driving job. The parents have been arrested for child neglect.

While not right, the sin of the brother was beating his sister and locking her in her room, the older girl claimed. He paid for his alleged crime with his life.

Siblings fight all the time. Sometimes there are bruises and cuts. This goes beyond the normal rumble tumble that takes place within the home.

A younger sibling, 3-years-old was not harmed.

3. Roaring Back - After two days of selling off, the stock market roared back to life today closing up over 212 points. Some are saying it was opportunity seekers who were jumping in to find bargains.

The first three days of the new year are the worst start for the market since 2008.

4. Don't Get Use to Low Gas Prices - That's the message President Barack Obama handed out to American drivers in an interview with The Detroit News. The President said that comfortability may add to sticker shock when drivers go to fill up and find gasoline back up to $3.50 per gallon.

Now that's a sure way to reassure Americans that the economy is getting better, Mr. President.

5. 2016 Watch - While almost everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton will run and most likely get the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential race, if the AFL-CIO has its way, the candidate will be Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren continues to insist she will not run in 2016.

6. If You're Going to Stage a Coup - Apparently some of the 24 Republicans who attempted to unseat House Speaker John Boehner are not students of history. If they were, they would have known if you are going to stage a coup you better be successful or suffer the consequences.

Congressmen who took part are finding they are off powerful committees such as the Ways and Means Committee.

Boehner is presiding over the largest number of Republican-held seats in the House of Representatives since 1928. The fact that nearly 10% of his party members voted to oust him makes pundits and analysist wonder how well he can keep the caucus in line and show voters the party can govern before the 2016 Pesidential Election.

7. Another Line in the Sand - After stating on Tuesday that he would veto a measure in the Senate to approve the Keystone Pipeline, the President today doubled down with a threat to veto tampering with his healthcare law.

The House, with bipartisan support, plans to pass legislation this week to alter the Affordable Care Act's 30-hour threshhold requiring businesses to offer health insurance back to the standard 40-hour full-time level.

The President in a written memo to Congress said in essence, "No way. No how."

8. How Cold Is It? - It is so cold across much of the heartland today that not only did Chicago cancel school, but Minneapolis smack in the middle of the winter wonderland cancelled classes as well.

Even colder temperatures are in the forecast for tonight. Temperature in the Cornfield is expected to drop to -6 tonight.

9. Budget Fight - Plans are now for the White House to release the President's proposed 2016 budget on February 2.

For the past six years, under Democratic control, the US Senate has failed to do its job and pass a budget. Will this year be different under Republican control?

What I do know is not expect the President and the GOP to see eye-to-eye on most budget concerns.

10. Cowardly Reaction? - Some of America's premiere news organizations, such as the New York Times, are refusing to show the cartoons at the center of today's deadly terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

It's not about offending some people's religious sensibilities. It's about not letting the terrorists win.

That's what caught my attention for Wednesday, January 7th, 2015.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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Kernels - Tuesday, January 6, 2015

by Mark  

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.

1. Fate of Citizen Journalism - Many members of CNN's iReport community are wondering if the news network has decided to pull the plug on its experiment with user-submissions for inclusion and use on air. Check out my take on CNN's new web site design rolled out over the weekend that has members wondering about the fate of iReport: CNN Signals Curtain Call on 'Citizen Journalism'?.

2. Divided Government Draws Lines - As I noted on Monday, House Speaker John Boehner would stay put even though 25 Tea Party Conservatives thought they could upset the status quo.

Already the lines are being drawn in what appears a rebuff of voters wishes that Congress and the White House find a way to work together. The Senate saw a bill filed today to authorize construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Immediately the White House vowed to veto the legislation.

Plans are on tap in the House of Representatives to push through a bipartisan bill aimed at the Affordable Care Act's business mandate to raise the full-time hours from 30 to 40 before employers must provide insurance. So far no word if the President will pull out his veto pen.

We may not know much for sure yet. But, what we do know is that this is going to be a very, very long two years.

3. Brother, Can You Spare a Humvee? - The US is poised to sell the government of Iraq over $3 billion in vehicles and armament.

This is the same government whose military forces laid down their arms, shed their uniforms and ran away from the Islamic State forrces, leaving behind sophisticated US-made equipment now being used against our "military advisers", fighter jets and bombers.

Sure the Iraqi military needs the weapons.

Can anyone be sure they won't cut tail and run again?

4. Not the Polar Plunge - The Dow continued to slide today closing over 130 points. Worries over the cost of oil per barrell, under $50, the economies of Europe and a slow down elsewhere in the world have investors jittery.

Question is whether the Federal Reserve will allow the market to take care of itself or will step in with artificial means to prop up the market.

5. Low Gas Price, Higher Gas Tax? - American drivers have been dancing in the street as the cost of a gallon of gasoline continues to drop. There are sinister forces out there who seem to not be too happy. Those forces are talking raising the tax on a gallon.

In the hallways of statehouses and even under the dome at Capital Hill there are whispers about now being the time to up the gasoline tax rate.

Maybe its time to launch a counter assault to let state lawmakers and members of Congress know that most of us are not ready to pay more in taxes - especially gasoline taxes.

6. Cheap Political Capital - Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who happens to be black, is none too happy with President Barack Obama, out-going Attorney General Eric Holder and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He is mincing no words in laying blame directly on the politicians for fanning the fires of anti-police sentiment which has been growing in urban areas across the nation. That's what he said in an interview on CNN this afternoon.

Clarke said that the three went for "cheap political capital" rather than trying to be concillators and heal the rift between citizens and the police. He said that recent remarks are coming too little and too late. The politicians need to be ready to burn up much of their political capital now to make matters better.

7. 2016 Watch - In my take on the 2014 Mid-Term Elections back in November, I noted that the 2016 presidential race was underway. I also stated that I thought Kentucky Senator Rand Paul would be among the first to announce.

He may still.

It's the former Florida governor, who is brother and son of presidents, getting all the buzz. Jeb Bush resigned from all his corporate chairs and postions. Today he announced a new Leadership PAC - Ready to Rise.

Bush is making all the moves and steps toward a formal declaration. Polling has him way out front of the pack at the moment.

Everyone knows Paul will run. The question is when will he announced.

Former Arkansas governor and Fox News host, Mike Huckabee, is saying all the right words and making moves to set up a run for the White House as well. Even with his Fox fans, can Huckabee shake off his disappointing run in 2008?

Others are standing in the wings: Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Bobby Jindall, Governor Steve Walker, Governor Mike Pence, Governor Rick Perry - then a few more we've seen before.

Speaking of Perry, if the fall in oil prices continues, could it unwind his Texas Miracle?

Would the loss of the Miracle mean the loss of the nomination?

8. Deep Freeze - It may only last for a week or two, but most of the country is in a deep freeze with more cold on the way. Temperatures will be plummeting tonight across the central part of the nation, eastward and to the south. Snow and wintry mix are in store from west of the Mississippi and points to the Atlantic.

Bundle up. Stay warm and safe.

9. Equality March - The number of states where same-gender couples now have the same rights as opposite-gender couples stands at 36 after Florida began granting licenses and performing ceremonies today.

Only in four states has a US District Court of Appeals ruled against equality. Those states are Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The other 10 states including Texas and Louisiana - awaiting the outcome of deliberations by the 11th Circuit Appeals Court, are biding their time wondering if their bans on equality will be next to fall.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, the Justices of the US Supreme Court are expected to deliberate Friday on taking on the issue this session. With the 6th District taking an opposite position than all other District Courts thus far, the stage is set for the Supremes to bring unity across the nation.

10. Laid to Rest - Most people either loved him or hated him. But no matter your view on the late New York Governor Mario Cuomo, everyone respected him.

The New York born and bred liberal bastion was laid to rest today.

Though politically not my cup of tea, I remember the strength he showed during his years as governor. I remember his speech to the Democratic National Convention in 1984. I remember how he said what he thought and lived what he said.

I am sure he is at the debate table now beyond the Pearly Gates. I am sure whoever is trying to parry the repartee of one the most effective political tongues ever is having second thoughts this night.

Rest in peace, Governor.

That's what caught my attention for Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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Kernels - Monday, January 5, 2015

by Mark  

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Can you believe the last Kernels was back in August?

Unfortunately due to my health conditions, Kernels has had to be on hiatus. While I will continue to focus on a video version, on those weekdays my breathing issue prevents, there will be the text only version.

Now on with my take of the headlines and current events.

1. Fate of Citizen Journalism - Many members of CNN's iReport community are wondering if the news network has decided to pull the plug on its experiment with user-submissions for inclusion and use on air. Check out my take on CNN's new web site design rolled out over the weekend that has members wondering about the fate of iReport: CNN Signals Curtain Call on 'Citizen Journalism'? ( call-on)

2. New Year, New Congress - With the first work day of the new year came the seating of a new Congress dominated by the Republican Party. With the Senate now in control of the GOP, the big question is whether a clear division in control of government will work or continue in the vein of a lot of talk and not much action.

Will President Barack Obama in his sixth year pull a Bill Clinton and find a way to meet somewhere in the middle with the opposition party in control of the Legislative Branch or will he continue his "go-it-alone" policy?

Will Republicans be able to keep more obstinate members in check and find working solutions which will not meet the fate of the veto pen?

American voters approved divided government with the 2014 Mid-Term Elections. Now, we can only hope both Democrats and Republicans got the message that voters want both sides - Congress and the President - to work together for the good of the nation.

On aside, seems some of the more extreme Conservative members of the new House of Representatives want to unseat House Speaker John Boehner. I don't see this happening. Time to work together.

3. Boston Bombing Trial - The trial of the alleged surviving Boston Marathon bomber got underway today as jury selection began. Facing more than 30 counts, the death penalty is on the table.

Once the jury is seated and the trial begins in earnest, expect to hear and read much more on this tragic event.

4. Not the Polar Plunge - It was not the traditional plunge by human polar bears into frigid waters. The stock market took a major hit today losing over 300 points at close as oil prices continued to plummet dropping below $50 per barrel.

The continues drop in gasoline prices has consumers loving it, but those playing the stock market are concerned there is no bottom price in sight for oil. Fears are that other industries may also be in for a rollercoaster ride.

5. No Combat Role - Right!

The Pentagon confirmed today what anyone with minimal mental ability has known all along. US service members sent to Iraq as advisers are in the middle of combat.

While President Obama can continue to play with words, the reality is our men and women in uniform are very much in the middle of a war and are in combat zones. There are no sidelines in war.

The Pentagon noted that 320 troops stationed in Anbar Province are in direct and sustained artillery fire. Though the barrage has yet to find pay dirt, it begs the question:

How soon before an Islamic State missile shell hits sending American soldiers home in body bags?

6. Focus Change - From police abuse and brutality to police targetted is how the focus in the news has changed in a matter of days as 2014 came to a close. The number of police officers killed by gun fire was the highest in 2014 than decades.

The killing of two New York City police officers sitting in their squad car marked the change in tone and news reports from the over-zealous actions and perhaps criminal of some police officers zeroing in on black citizens to concern that the bulls eye was on officers.

Reality is both sides need focus. Both issues need to be in the news.

7. Miracle Child - A 7-year-old girl, Sailor Gutzler, was the lone survivor when the small plane carrying her parents, sister and cousin crashed in rural Kentucky over the weekend. The young girl managed, injured and bruised, to make her way through the cold and rugged terrrain to a farmhouse to seek help.

Who says there are not angels watching over us?

8. Ebola Scare to Flu Epidemic - During the late summer and fall all the headlines were screaming about the Ebola virus threat to national security and the ability of the US medical scene to protect us. Now with the new year, reality is displacing the scare.

Influenza has become epidemic claiming lives, especially of children, across the nation. Flu continues to be one the top killers not only in the US of A, but the world.

While the Ebola virus is nothing to sneeze at, we need to not let the latest scare blind us to the real danger among us.

9. Winter Lashes Out - After a few early snows in late October and early November, winter so far has been more like fall. That is not the case today.

In the Cornfield and across the nation winter is hitting hard to regain its rightful control of our weather. Even in places like Las Vegas, snow and bitter cold are hitting residents hard.

The current cold front is expected to thrust as far south as Florida. Real air temps deep below zero are being registered from the Dakotas south and eastward. Snow is starting to fall and pile up.

Keep safe and stay warm.

10. Sports Losses - The sports world as well as many who are not fans are in mourning today at the loss of three too soon.

Over the weekend, ESPN sports anchor, Stuart Scott, lost his battle with cancer at 49. His groundbreaking coverage of the sports arena is now silent.

Two of America's most promising and talented skiers were buried by an avalanche in Austria today while doing what they loved most - being on the slope.

Bryce Astle and Ronnie Berlack, Olympic stars of tomorrow, both perished as four other skiers made it out of harm's way.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these three men. May they rest in peace.

That's what caught my attention for Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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Kernels - The Week That Was - August 1-8, 2014

by Mark  

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks! No Hulls! No Shucks!

The latest headlines and current events with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for the week of August 1-8, 2014.

Since my last edition over a week ago when I was sidelined with a recurring infection, a brief hospital stay and ongoing conditions' conditions, seems the world has reeled from one crisis to the next minute by minute and hour by hour.

I recently wrote, The World Is Burning. This week has revealed those wildfires are even more out of control than they were and spreading.

I also asked the question recently if our nation, the world was afflicted with Selective Concern for Life?

In light of events unfolding over the past 24 hours it would appear that the answer to that question became evident - at least where the position of the US government is standing.

While thousands upon thousands have been slaughtered over the past two to three years in various hot spots around the globe, the US of A is now acting out of humanitarian concern and involving our nation in Iraq again after pulling out of the country two and a half years ago.

Not that this action should not be taken, but still one wonders what about the others also facing genocide?

Yes, the world is burning as brother turns against brother, nation rises against nation, ethnic and religious tensions are at the point of volcanic eruption. But it is not just mankind's inhumanity against humanity causing the carnage and despair.

In the past week, Mother Nature has shown she is not happy either.

We have seen and heard earthquakes in divers places leaving behind injured, displaced and loss of life. Typhoons have swept one after the other striking Asian countries with death and destruction.

There have been mudslides and sides of mountains and hills tumbling downward. After 22 years without worrying about a hurricane, Hawaii is getting the double whammy of two hurricanes in a matter of days.

1. Ukraine Escalation - The war between pro-Russian separatists, with the backing of the Russian military, have stepped up their war of secession against the government of Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces have responded in kind and pressing to regain territory lost to the rebels. Ukrainian military units are moving forward to take back Donetsk.

The Russians are amassing more troops along the border and poised to launch an attack. While back in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin is cutting his nose off and banning the import of food items from the US and Europe.

Putin has decided the Russian people cannot eat cake.

International investigators in frustration and fear for their lives have had to abandon the site of the downed Malaysian Flight 17 in a field of sunflowers growing rancid from bodies of those murdered left to rot in the sun.

But the world's attention is turned elsewhere.

2. Forgotten Syria - The three-year civil war in Syria seems to have become the newest forgotten hot spot. With the Islamic State firmly implanted in the northeastern portion of Syria, Syrian President Bashir al-Assad continues to wage battle against his own people.

The once idea of humanitarian assistance to Syrians has been shoved to the back of the cupboard.

3. Return of the Dark Ages - Are the buzz words sounding the death knell of this "age of enlightment" as the candle flickers threatening to go out on reason and logic. Crusaders, infidels, convert or perish, blood libel - all dredged up from the distant past of humanity's days of darkness.

Muslim radicals returning to the days of conversion at the point of the sword as the Caliphate locks down its hold on a large swath of Iraq. Western, Christian nations coming to the aid of those preferring death to life under the Islamic State appear to the rank-and-file of the Caliphate as the armies of Richard the Lionheart, Frederick the Great, riding in to keep Jerusalem for the Holy See.

The disastrous Children's Crusade, a ragtag mob of adolescents, resembles how terrorist groups are raising their offspring to prepare to die for jihad.

Are we returning to a time when a blight struck humanity leaving its impact to this day and will as greatly impact the future?

We can only pray not.

4. My Way or No Way - Hamas and its aligned terror comrades have made it clear that there will be no peace in Gaza unless their demands, and only their demands, are met.

After 72 hours of calm, Islamic Jihad spoke with rockets for Hamas on whether a cease-fire with Israel could continue. The Palestinian Authority and Egyptians are clearly starting to be annoyed by the stubbornness of Hamas.

Yet, still, the words remain the same - Palestinians good, Israelis bad.

I attempted to explain the logic of Hamas recently, but I am still baffled.

You tell me: The Spin - Defies Logic?

Secretary of State John Kerry after being rebuffed by his efforts to bring about a truce between the warring factions is sitting on the sidelines.

5. Back to Iraq - You read that right. Thursday night President Barack Obama announced that he has authorized airstrikes against the Islamic State inside Iraq. The President also announced that humanitarian drops of water, food, medicine had begun to prevent the genocide of the Yazidis trapped on a mountain in northwestern Iraq.

This was the right thing to do.

Military commentators all day have been saying they cannot see, however, the President will be able to back up his vow of no American troops on the ground.

The former military officers all seem to be of one mind that airstrikes alone will not get the job done of both protecting American personnel, stopping genocide and allowing for the Iraqi people to come together to work out their political problems.

Unless the Caliphate is wiped out, destroyed, defeated, kicked out - what the future holds may be even bleaker than the present, according to our military experts.

These are not partisans speaking, but professional military leaders who served the nation honorably.

The big question has been why now?

Why did President Obama decide to act now to provide humanitarian relief when so many other situations have seen genocide, seen people needing rescue, provisions, aid?

Yes, I believe the President is doing the right thing - but - what tipped the scale?

6. Ebola Outbreak - Perhaps one of the scariest scenes playing out highlighting Mother Nature's displeasure is the viral disease Ebola that may soon become a global crisis.

Two American aid workers, infected with the disease, were flown back to the US of A and undergoing treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The hospital is one of four in the US with isolation units able to safely treat the patients afflicted with the dreaded virus.

Both Americans were given an experimental drug which appears to have brought about immediate improvement to their conditions.

This has those in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria asking what about our sick and afflicted who are dying?

Don't their lives matter as much as the American lives?

The problem seems to be twofold - not enough of the medication to go around and unsure of any adverse effects which may be worse than Ebola.

7. Better Luck Next Time - The Republican establishment successfully held off the last chance for the Tea Party to upset sitting officials and establishment candidates for the fall 2014 Midterm Elections. But Republicans and Democrats still have much to worry about come November.

After both chambers of Congress left for a five-week vacation, leaving behind the humanitarian crisis on our own southern border, a yet-to-be-fixed immigration system and other issues, members of Congress and Senators will have a lot of explaining to the folk back home.

To their credit, the Congress did manage to pass legislation to fix a scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs Administration and to fund the highway transportation fund before disappearing.

Well that's just a part of what has caught my attention over the week that was, August 1-8, 2014.

Tune in next week for another edition of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I will be returning to the doctor on Monday with a good chance of another hospital stay.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening.

Kernels - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

by Mark  

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Wednesday, July 30th, 2014.

1. Fundraising - Seems that Al Qaeda is being funded primarily through collection of ransom money for hostages rather than private donations. European nations and companies are reportedly the most often targeted and most often paying.

Expect to see such kidnappings to continue or increase as terrorists prey on unsuspecting civilians.

2. Bouncing Back - Seems the US economy has bounced back from the dismal losses of the 2nd quarter this year to a resounding gain of 4% this quarter.

The 2nd quarter loss was revised from 2.9% in the negative to 2.3%.

Weather was blamed as the primary factor in the loss. Confidence, consumers buying and uptick in exports are being hailed as cause for the gain.

While the Federal Reserve is pleased with the improvement, it still has concern over the tepid labor market. This caused the Fed to continue pumping money into the economy through bond purchases.

3. Abortion Law Overturned - The Mississippi law requiring doctors providing abortions to be credentialed through a local hospital was ruled unconstitutional by a 3-judge panel of the 5th District US Court of Appeals. The law could have shut down the only abortion clinic in the state.

The panel said that the state could not rely on other states providing what is an established constitutional right to seek an abortion if no clinics met the rigid criteria of Mississippi law.

Expect the state to appeal to the full court.

4. Hacked? - Israel's famed "Iron Dome" may have been hacked and operations compromised according to Krebs on Security. The security analytical company said that three of the defense contractors who built the defense system were hacked by China.

Contractors say the Iron Dome was not compromised.

5. Growing Concern, Frustration - International inspectors are becoming increasingly concerned that the crash site of Malaysian Flight 17 has been compromised and evidence tampered with as access to the site continues to be barred.

Ukraine is claiming the pro-Russian separatists have now planted mines around the site to make sure evidence isn't obtained which would reveal the separatists deliberately shot down the airliner.

6. UN Condemns Israel - Not a surprise, the United Nations pointed a finger directly at Israel today after a UN school was shelled in Gaza. The UN also acknowledged that Hamas was storing weapons and munitions in the school.

The US of A is choosing its words carefully and condemning "whoever" shelled the school and "whoever" stored bombs and guns in the school.

7. Suing the President - The US House of Representatives gave the go-ahead late this afternoon for Speaker John Boehner to proceed with his lawsuit against President Barack Obama for exceeding his authority.

Democrats countered that the actual vote was about impeaching the President. Boehner emphatically denied there is any movement to impeach nor is there any plan to do so in the future. Democrats stuck by their guns.

How soon the suit will be filed is still up in the air.

8. No Backing Down - Russian President Vladimir Putin is not being swayed nor deterred by new sanctions from both the US and the Europeans for his continued support of separatists in Ukraine.

As if to mock the sanctions, Russia sent new weaponry today to the pro-Russsian separatists.

Echoing Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein, a Russian Parliament member today also said that Russia and the US have entered back into the Cold War.

9. Ebola Spreading - The worst outbreak of Ebola continues to spread. The top doctor treating the disease in Sierre Leone has died from infection. Schools in Liberia have been shuttered after two Peace Corps volunteers were isolated for exposure to a person who died from Ebola.

This has prompted the Peace Corps and other agencies to pull out of west Africa where the virus seems to be running rampant. Two Americans working with Samaritan's Purse have been infected, but showing improvement.

10. Fixing the VA - The House by a big margin approved a $16 billion bill to overhaul the scandal-plagued Department of Veterans Affairs today.

The Senate is expected to vote as early as tomorrow and follow-up with approval.

The bill would allow veterans to seek civilian care rather than wait. The bill also would allow for the hiring of more doctors and nurses and construction of new medical facilities.

That's what caught my attention for Wednesday, July 30th, 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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