Kernels - Friday, June 20, 2014

by Mark  

Good evening, I am Mark Ivy.

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Friday, June 20th, 2014.

1. What WMD? - A former chemical weapons plant, which contains some sealed containers of biologicals, is now in the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The former facility for the production of weapons of mass destruction has been reported to the United Nations and inspected by the US military back in 2005.

We are told that even though there are still sealed chemicals, ISIS cannot easily and does not have the ability to weaponize what is in storage to turn against the Iraqi troops and people. Military experts say the reason for ISIS taking over the facility is its strategic location being ideal for launching attacks on west Baghdad.

2. 10,000 - That's the number of children picked up by the US Border Patrol and being housed in detention centers along the US-Mexican border. This is a human tragedy.

Securing the border and putting pressure on countries, such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, to stop the hemorrhaging of these children being encouraged to flee their homes for the US of A, should be a top priority of the President and Congress.

We can't wait.

For the sake of the children, action is needed yesterday.

Republicans and Democrats put the ideology aside.

This is a humantarian crisis.

By the Way, the Administration has decided to spend up to $100 million to help send these Central American children back home.

3. Trouble Already? - What is Nuri al-Maliki thinking?

The US is ready to put "advisers" into Iraq to help stave off the assault of ISIS and Maliki is dawdling on providing a Status of Forces agreement to protect US troops from a possible over-zealous Iraqi judiciary. Maliki wants our planes to drop bombs, but he won't provide written assurance that US service members will be safe from Iraqi prosecution.

Ready to tell Maliki where to go and where to stuff it.

This just in: Seems Iraq's top Shia religious leader has, reportedly, sent a veiled message that it is time for Maliki to go.

4. Boots on the Ground - Don't be fooled by the terminology being used. When President Barack Obama announced Thursday that he is sending up to 300 members of special forces into Iraq as advisers and not in a combat role, he went back on his vow to put "no boots on the ground" last week. Those "advisers" are expected to arrive in Iraq over the weekend.

Read my full take: It IS 'Boots on the Ground'.

5. Turn About's Fair Play - Yesterday I reported on how former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer had some unflattering remarks for Southern men and Congressman Eric Cantor. Schweitzer also likened California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein as a cross between a nun and a hooker.

He has since apologized for opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it.

The same can't be said for Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Last week Perry said homosexuality is a disease like alcoholism is a disease. Earlier this week when pressed on whether Perry truly thought being gay was a disease on CNN, Perry waffled and said he would leave that up to the doctors to decided.

Uh - Hello!

Governor, it is 2014.

Over 40 years ago the doctors determined that homosexuality is NOT a disease and normal for a small percentage of the population.

Most of us were willing to accept the excuse from Perry that his infamous 1-minute of silence during the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Debates was a result of muscle relaxers following back surgery. But maybe we were too quick to give Perry a pass with his ignorance showing that doctors decided four decades ago that being gay is not a disease of which to be cured.

When pointed out that the doctors had made a decision decades ago, Perry wouldn't budge.

Now the best he can do is say, "I stepped in it."

And to think Perry, like Schweitzer, wants to be President.

6. Under the Radar - The White House is getting worried now about the build-up of Russian troops on its border with Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia exchanged mortar fire today in which Russia says one of its custom agents was killed.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced his support for his country's ally, Iran, and for the government of Nuri al-Maliki in Iraq against the forces of ISIS.

Is Putin trying to once more out-manuever President Obama as he did with the Syria situation which produced only lip service in getting rid of chemical weapons by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad?

7. Incredulous - That's the only word to describe Internal Revenue Service officials testifying before a congressional committee today about two years of emails lossed when a single computer on a network crashed. Anyone listening to the exchange between IRS officials and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan had to be shaking their heads in disbelief.

When Ryan said what all of us at home have been thinking, the officials didn't have an answer. Ryan stated he found incredulous that the IRS requires taxpayers to keep seven years of documents and the IRS can't even keep two years of email on one computer.

Something stinks here and it ain't the baby's diaper.

8. Show Me the Money - Massachusetts is poised to increase the minimum wage to $11 per hour by 2017. This will make it the best paying, statewide minimum wage in the nation. Currently the minimum in the Bay State is $8 per hour.

A CNNMoney poll revealed earlier this month that 71% of the public favors a raise in minimum wage, but only 36% agree $10.10 per hour proposed by the President is the right base. Another 16% do not think that is even enough for minimum wage workers.

9. Hands in the Cookie Jar? - I reported yesterday how prosecutors (turns out to be Democratic state prosecutors) were investigating and trying to charge Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker with violating campaign finance laws. Turns out one state and one federal judge put a quash to the investigation some time back.

The prosecutors are appealing now to the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Looking more and more like sour grapes.

Both judges put an end to the investigation saying there was no basis and no probable cause.

10. Bone to Sports Fanatics - The chances improved for the US soccer team in its match-up Sunday against Portugal in pursuit of the World Cup in Brazil. Injuries of Portuguese players and the penalty of one of Portugal's star players are buoying the US team pulling off an upset. Go Team USA!

That's what caught my attention for Friday, June 20th, 2014.

Tune in Monday for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield. If any earth-shaking news occurs over the weekennd, be sure there will a Kernels Special Report.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

Kernels - Thursday, June 19, 2014

by Mark  

Good evening, I am Mark Ivy.

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Thursday, June 19th, 2014.

1. Boots on the Ground - Don't be fooled by the terminology being used. When President Barack Obama announced today that he is sending up to 300 members of special forces into Iraq as advisers and not in a combat role, he went back on his vow to put "no boots on the ground" last week.

Read my full take: It IS 'Boots on the Ground'.

2. Lessons We Should Have Learned - Returning to Iraq after pulling the troops out in 2011 has me asking: Did We Learn Anything from Viet Nam?

It also has me wondering if what we are seeing play out now in the Persian Gulf may be a foreshadowing of what may be on the horizon once we pull US forces out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016.

3. Guard Change - The Republican caucus in the US House of Representatives voted today to replace outgoing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with House GOP Whip California Congressman Kevin McCarthy. That opened up the #3 spot which went to Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise.

With the change in the guard, which left Ohio's John Boehner in place as House Speaker, don't expect to see much change in how the caucus conducts its business. Gridlock will go on.

4. Do as I Say NOT as I Do - If there is anywhere in the world to be safe, secure and free of contamination threat, you would think it would be the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

That's another belief shattered.

It is being reported that up to 75 scientists were exposed today to live anthrax. If so, these scientists may have be facing pain and even death in the coming days. Other staff, the families and the public are not at risk, according to the CDC.

5. What Was He Smoking? - Former Montana Governor, and hoping to snag the Democratic crown from Hillary Clinton, Brian Schweitzer is anything but dull and boring. Schweitzer is reported to have honed in on his "gaydar" and pronounced that Southern men are "effeminate" and that alarm bells go off when seeing outgoing Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor.


I think Billy Bob, Bocephus and Bubba might take offense at the idea. I'm sure there are many of the "good ole boys" who would be happy to set Schweitzer "straight".

By the way, Governor, usually it is gay people who possess "gaydar". Trying to tell us something?

Schweitzer has reportedly now apologized for his remarks using social media.

6. Under the Radar - NATO announced today that it had detected Russia increasing the number of troops and more activity on its border with Ukraine.

While the world is distracted by what is happening in the Persian Gulf, could Russian President Vladimir Putin be planning to move in and annex more territory under the excuse of protecting those of Russian ethnicity?

7. Out of the Water! Jaws Returns! - Did you hear about a one-ton shark headed toward the coast of Texas? So much for my plans to visit Galveston Island this summer. The shark was recently spotted 100 miles off the western coast of Florida, but headed to Texas.

8. He Can't Wait - Texas Governor Rick Perry is taking a page out of President Obama's playbook. Perry announced today his state could not wait for Congress and the federal government to get its act together to deal with the human tragedy occurring along its border with Mexico. Perry is stepping up police patrols and involvement along the border to deal with the onrush of illegal immigrants pouring over the border.

This of course is much like the President using executive orders because he won't wait on Congress to act.

9. Hands in the Cookie Jar? - Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker, who beat back a recall attempt a couple of years ago and is said to have White House aspirations, has been charged with violating campaign finance laws today. Walker is being accused of being a part of a nationwide scheme to use illegal means to raise campaign funds. Walker maintains his innocence.

Walker is up for re-election.

So was the Governor caught with his hands in the cookie jar or is it sour grapes over Walker repelling the recall attempt?

10. Equality in the Church? - The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted today to allow its ministers to conduct same-gender marriages in those states where it is legal. The measure still must be approved by the majority of the 172 presbyteries across the nation.

That's what caught my attention for Thursday, June 19th, 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

Kernels - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

by Mark  

Good evening, I am Mark Ivy.

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Wednesday, June 18th, 2014.

1. Slow Boat to China - Nah, it's just a slow moving Navy ship carrying Ahmed abu Khattalah, alleged leader of the September 11th, 2012 raid on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the murder of four Americans including the US Ambassador, to the shores of the US of A.

This is giving US military and intelligence personnel time to interrogate Khattalah without the protection of the American civil judicial system once he is on US soil and turned over to civilian authorities for prosecution.

Will the journey produce actionable intelligence or will it be a dance of futility?

Perhaps the questioning will reveal why over a year ago CNN's Arwa Damon was able to meet Khattalah openly at a cafe for an interview where he stated he had never been questioned by US investigators, yet it wasn't until Tuesday that special forces took him captive.

The timing is suspect when the US government is in a dither and as one CNN iReporter remarked on yesterday's Kernels in "deep doo doo." This will not prove a distraction over the quandary the White House finds itself.

Whether you try and romanticize it and call it manure or put a comic spin with doo doo, the reality is President Barack Obama and his Administration has landed head deep in a pile of Shiite!

All the big name captures in the world are not going to turn the public's attention away from the crisis which is putting boots on the ground - even if called special forces or protective details.

2. Returning to the Persian Gulf - Dire word coming out of Iraq today of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces attacking and taking control of much of the oil nation's largest refinery. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is claiming government troops are repelling the insurgents and taking back the refinery.

And you thought gas prices are too high now.

Reuters is reporting that Exxon is pulling its employees and their families out of the besieged nation.

This brings back memories in the early 90s when my uncle worked in the oil fields of Iraq and Kuwait. I recall him and my aunt being swept out of the region in the dark of night as the soldiers of Sadaam Hussein laid claim to the Emirate.

I can imagine how families here in the States are feeling hearing of their relatives being rescued from the ravages of war.

Meanwhile at the White House President Obama is surrounded by his National Security Council and military brass looking for a miracle which will stop ISIS in its tracks while not being forced to defend the Shiite dictator, Maliki.

Meeting this afternoon with the top four leaders in Congress - House Speaker John Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the President is discussing a formal request from the government of Iraq for US air strikes.

Hawks are clamoring for action, while doves are imploring the President to turn a deaf ear to the cries being heard around the world.

One voice speaking out on the Iraq situation and should stay quiet in retirement is former Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney brought out the worst in armchair quarterbacks in an op-ed today putting full blame on the President while ignoring the mistakes of his and President George Bush's Administration.

Truth is it may be fun to look back and debate, the issue is what to do with the cards we've been dealt at this moment in time. Whether Bush should have done things differently in agreeing to pull out of Iraq by 2011 or that Obama should have been more forceful in keeping a residual force in Iraq may be nice exercises in "what if", but not useful.

We have to deal with where we are now and figure out how to proceed. Looking back and pointing fingers does not help with the here and now.

Saudi Arabia is bristling and denying it is backing any terrorists groups and emphatically not supporting ISIS.

3. What's in a Name - With the ruling today that the Washington Redskins no longer have trademark protection of its team name, could a change from what the US Patent Office determined was disparaging to Native Americans be in the near future?

Or is this a case of political correctness run amok?

The most recent polls find about 30% of Native Americans being offended by the team being named Redskins.

Does the name matter? You decide.

4. General Motors er Government Motors er General Motors - The news continues to be bad for GM. Millions more of its product are being recalled. The recalls keep mounting while the sales keep soaring.

What is going on?

Now in fairness it seems most of the models being recalled are from the years when GM was Government Motors. Since it is back to General Motors, the recalls are at full throttle.

Is this another blight on government's involvement and butting in to private business?

Reports are that though GM is paying out the wazoo on the recalls, GM owners are sold on the vehicles. GM vehicle owners keep trusting that the next model purchased will the one that GM got right.

5. Save the Children - Contrary to some peoples cries of a Mexican invasion of children crossing our southern border, it turns out the human tragedy of children, some as young as 4-years-old, being swept up by the Border Patrol are fleeing Honduras.

And it appears that the Honduran government has been complicit in causing this crisis.

Earlier today, that government pleaded with the US to not send its children back home to a life of poverty and destitution. After an outcry to the Honduran request, Honduras is now setting up a program, headed by the nation's First Lady, to bring its children home.

6. Mystery Flight - Remember Malaysian Flight 370 which was lost a few months ago?

Remember how a multi-million dollar search came up empty?

Seems experts now have pinpointed with their best guess where the flight may have gone down in the Indian Ocean. But it is several hundreds of miles southwest of where the original search occurred.

Stay tuned for the next 20 or 30 years and maybe the mystery of Flight 370 with its lost passengers and crew will be solved.

7. New Crown for Oklahoma - California is no longer the king of earthquakes. With two tremors shaking the nation's midsection in Oklahoma earlier today, the Sooner State has taken the billing as the state with the most seismic activity. Californians are breathing easier knowing the eventual falling into the ocean may be a few more years yet to come.

8. If Not Hillary, Who? - Most agree that Hillary Clinton is running for president until she says she is not. More are agreeing following Tuesday's CNN townhall in which the former First Lady danced all around the question of whether she's in or out of the 2016 race. Her answers sounded like a person with her sights set on the Oval Office.

While polling last week showed that the majority of Democrats are in favor of a Hillary run, the poll also revealed enthusiasm was much lower and with only the most diehard Hillary fans.

This begs the question: If not Hillary, who?

One CNN iReporter who commented on yesterday's Kernels is certain and has been saying for a long time now that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a shoo-in if Hillary does not seek the nomination. That iReporter noted he knows of no other woman who could fill Hillary's shoes besides Warren.

Then again this is assuming that 2016 will be the Year of the Woman. That was the same assumption about 2008.

We all know how that turned out.

9. The Equality March - The US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today joined together five cases on same-gender equality from four states into one. The cases come from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. A 3-judge panel will hear each case and render judgment upholding or overturning the lower court decisions which all found for same-gender couples.

Other Circuits have already heard appeals, but only the 10th has combined so many cases from four different states into one.

The Cornfield is in the 10th Circuit jurisdiction. There are already pending Hoosier cases in a Louisville, Kentucky federal court opposing Indiana's state law banning equality for same-gender couples. The judge who will preside has already ruled against the State of Kentucky. That case is one of the five cases combined today.

10. Resting in Peace - I was remiss Tuesday in not noting the passing into the beyond a wonderful actress and civil rights defender, Ruby Dee. Though gone now in body, she will remain with us forever with her impressive body of work.

That's what caught my attention for Wednesday, June 18th, 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

Kernels - Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

by Mark  

Good evening, I am Mark Ivy.

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Tuesday, June 17th, 2014.

1. It's About Time! - Ahmed abu Khattalah, alleged leader of the September 11th, 2012 raid on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the murder of four Americans including the US Ambassador, has been captured. He is currently aboard a US war ship being questioned.

As the mother of one of the slain Americans asked today, "What took so long?"

My question: Why now?

Could it be because a CNN/ORC poll revealed that six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the way the Benghazi terrorist attack and investigation has been handled?

Could it be because 61% of Americans think the Administration has been dishonest?

2. No Mystery - Anyone who watched the CNN town hall with former First Lady, former New York Senator and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can attest, contrary to her denial that she's not made a decision, Hillary is running for President until she's not. There's no doubt about it.

3. Speaking of Hillary - During the town hall today, Hillary said she's still looking for answers to the Benghazi tragedy. This raises the inquiry of why she is still looking when she told US Senators, "At this point, what difference does it make?"

Because it always made a difference - then and now. That is why.

4. Time to Go - It is evident, as the US moves closer and closer to being sucked in again in Iraq, it is way passed time for Shiite dictator Nuri al-Maliki to go. There can be no peace and no unity in Iraq as long as he stays in power.

Highlighting the need for Maliki to step aside are reports that the Iraqi military executed some 40 Sunni prisoners last night. This is the same tactic that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is guilty of doing and which a United Nations official says is a war crime.

5. Shooting Craps - As President Barack Obama meets with his National Security Council and members of the Congressional leadership to weigh the options to deal with the crisis in Iraq, it is like shooting craps in Las Vegas. You never know what a roll of the dice may turn up.

This is a time when the old saying is apt: Damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Maybe we shouldn't have "reassessed" that red line.

6. The Enemy of My Enemy - With Iran being the main Shia stronghold and backer of Shiites worldwide, the Persian country is sending troops to prop up fellow Shiite Maliki against the insurgence of ISIS which has support from the Sunni tribes.

This is leading to accusations that the home of Sunnism, Saudi Arabia, is fomenting the insurrection in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates.

The attacking ISIS and Sunni forces are now within 40 miles of the nation's capitol.

The US has had no direct dealings with Iran since the 1979 capture of the US Embassy in Tehran and the taking of our American personnel and families hostage. For over three decades Iran has been the enemy.

Now in a twist of fate to battle and repel the Al Qaeda-inpired ISIS, the US and Iran are talking strategy to defeat the terror group's march on Baghdad.

In the meantime, Iran continues to pursue a nuclear bomb unimpeded.

7. Yesterday's Crisis - What has slipped from the headlines, Ukrainians are mourning 49 lives lost when a military plane was shot down by Russian separatists as European leaders complain to Moscow.

People are asking how to cook since Russian natural gas giant, Gazprom, cut off the flow as the Ukraine, Russia and the company couldn't come to terms on payment.

But that's yesterday's crisis.

8. Red States Versus EPA - Don't be surprised to find Red States, not just coal states, mounting legal challenges to the EPA's announced new regulations that will reduce carbon emissions while raising the cost of electricity, laying off workers and closing power plants.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is threatening legal action. Texas Governor Rick Perry says the EPA is acting unconstitutionally.

In the Cornfield, a major coal state, our leadership plans to fight the EPA to save jobs and keep costs lower while still working towards lower carbon emissions.

All of these elected officials and their constituents are for clean air and water. They just want to do so in what they believe is a rational and logical way which has less of an economic impact.

9. It Wasn't Kansas But - Remember in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and Toto were caught up by a twister and transported to the Land of Oz from their Kansas farm country?

The only real casualty then was when the house fell on the wicked witch.

It took me back to 1976. I was crossing southern Texas returning from Galveston to my home in Leesville, Louisiana. To the south and right of me was the Gulf of Mexico where a hurricane was moving onto shore. The waves were already lapping across the beach and turning the highway into a waterway. I looked north to my left to see three tornadoes setting down on the flat land.

Scary times.

My heart and thoughts go out to Nebraskans who died and those who survived, but left destitute.

10. Rest in Peace - To the fans and admirers as well as the surviving family, prayers and thoughts on the passing of Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and American icon, radio host and voice artist, Casey Kasem, who lost their fights to disease. May they rest in peace.

11. Pump Check - Hope your gas tank is full. With Iraq burning gas prices are soon to soar.

This past Friday, I filled up Iohn's van when the price was $3.68 per gallon. A mere hour passed and the price had jumped 27 cents to $3.95 per gallon. Today it is at $3.84.

Don't be surprised to find the pump price to jump well beyond $4 if the smoke doesn't clear soon in the Persian Gulf.

That's what caught my attention for Tuesday, June 17th, 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

Kernels - Monday, June 16th, 2014

by Mark  

Good evening, I am Mark Ivy.

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Monday, June 16th, 2014.

As you may have noticed Kernels has been dark for over a week due to some flare-ups with my health and another procedure from which I am still recovering.

That doesn't mean I haven't been reading, listening, watching and closely paying attention to the headlines and current events.

During this time period, at times it seems that the world has erupted like Mount Vesuvius destroying Pompeii. The violence, the upheavals, the crises have been literally earth-shaking at times.

1. Across the US of A we have seen instances of individuals going berserk, killing and maiming from Oregon to Nevada to California to the Carolinas. Irrational behavior resulting in murder and mayhem has been rampant.

The spotlight has once more focused in on the weapon rather than the root cause and dealing realistically with mental health concerns. (Cast Away Stigma of Mental Illness)

Remember laws are passed to keep honest people honest. Those of the criminal element don't care how many laws are passed. Those with a psychological break have no concept of right and wrong.

2. The nightmare of veterans being mistreated by insufferable waits and dying in Arizona has turned out to be the tip of an ice berg of monumental proportions capable of sinking a thousand Titanics.

Meanwhile both chambers of Congress were able to unite across party and ideological divides to zero in on keeping America's promise to those men and women who have donned the uniform. (Cornfield Lawmakers Unite to Support Veterans)

3. Children are fleeing from poverty and atrocities in Central and South America. These youngsters are dashing for the US border with hopes of being picked up by the Border Patrol and sent to relatives living in the States.

Yet oozing out of this tragic situation are tales of abuse and human trafficking as well. Questions of why parents are sending their children north on a wing and a prayer to uncertainty.

Is life so bad, so unbearable that parents think, no matter the danger, life in the US of A in detention is better than life in their home country?

4. We have seen the political arena turned on end as the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives was felled by a gnat landing on a mighty oak. Acorns fell across the spectrum. (Cantor's Sin - Morality Tale for Hillary, Other Politicians?)

With Eric Cantor's defeat, legislation to secure the border, deal with the influx of desperate children, fix the immigration system has died on the vine until a new crop arrives in Washington DC next year.

5. One computer on an intranet connected through a local area network - a network - crashes and two years of emails are lost?

Sounds like smoke and mirrors and a lot of CYA by the IRS and Lois Lerner.

I have a bridge with beach front property for sale in the Arizona desert for a song too.

Shadows of "All the President's Men"?


6. Ukraine is fighting back as Russian tanks roll across the border. The world has moved on to something shinier - Iraq.

7. The joy of the last American prisoner of war being released and returned to the US of A has become a quagmire of political pointing fingers. Questions abound about how Bowe Bergdahl was captured. President Barack Obama admits to breaking the law, but states exigent circumstances, while Congress fumes. (No Surprise - The President Could Not Wait)

8. Iraq is going up in smoke - literally. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which already controls a swath of Syria, is marching on Baghdad and seized a third or more of the nation. ISIS, an offshoot of Al Qaeda, is so depraved and bloodthirsty that even the parent group has denounced its ferocity and evil.

The President who campaigned before his first term on a pledge to withdraw US forces from Iraq and end the nearly 10-year second Gulf war, now is in a dilemma wondering when to once more involve America's military might in the Desert to thwart the march of ISIS.

Even direct talks with Iran, a member of the Axis of Evil, is on the agenda. US warships are moving into position for what seems to be inevitable.

What is the world coming too?

Word just in: Adding to the 100 troops already sent to Baghdad to help transport Americans out of harm's way, the President, in compliance with the War Powers Act, has sent a letter to Congress stating he is deploying 275 soldiers to the besieged capitol who will remain until the all clear is signaled.

So much for the vow last Friday of "no boots on the ground".

What is the world coming too?

So much for wars winding down.

So much for Al Qaeda and jihadists on the run.

So much for peace in our time.

One lesson seems for sure: health or no health when Kernels goes dark the evil that lurks begins its maniacal dance of destruction.

That's what caught my attention for Monday, June 16th, 2014.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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