Kernels - Thursday, June 25, 2015

by Mark  

Dateline The Desert:

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Thursday, June 25th, 2015.

1. Thumbs Up, Mr. President - President Barack Obama is grinning from ear to ear today after the Supreme Court in a 6-3 vote upheld subsidies for all Americans who enroll for healthcare whether on a state exchange or the federal exchange. A thumbs down could have gutted the President's signature legislation and placed a large part of his legacy in the toilet.

In making the ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority stated that not focusing only on the four troubling words which indicated only those who purchased health insurance through a state exchange were entitled to subsidies, talked about looking at the law in its totality. Roberts said in that context the intent was for all to be eligible, not limited.

The President's week is going well as the Supremes also shot down a challenge to the Fair Housing Act. Then there is the fast-track authority granted by both chambers of Congress for the President to negotiate trade with Asia.

But not all is rosy. There is still the pesky issues in foreign affairs which are more than just a thorn in the President's side. There is also the increased divisiveness in the nation since the President took office.

2. Killer Heat - While the mercury has soared in the Desert with averages around 115 degrees for a week now, on the other side of the world, the heat wave is anything, but dancing in the streets.

The unusually hot temperatures have resulted in over 1,000 deaths in Pakistan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Mother Nature and their families.

3. My House or People's House - One CNN iReporter has taken umbrage at the President telling a heckler at a White House event in support of Gay Pride Month (June) on Wednesday, saying "This is my house...".

KCRep opined that she always thought it was "the people's house".

Check out her take and voice your own opinion at:

4. Leave My Founding Father Alone - Turns out that not everyone is happy with the announcement last week by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew that the department would be taking suggestions for replacing Alexander Hamilton, first Treasury Secretary, with a woman on the $10 bill.

Such notables as former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Wall Street Journal are decrying Lew's maligning of Hamilton. The Journal even compared the action to Vice President Aaron Burr dueling and killing Hamilton. Burr, by the way, was later charged with treason.

Most people are reportedly want to keep Hamilton and replace Andy Jackson, Old Hickory, on the $20 bill.

And where do you stand?

5. Uber Uproar - Last week Uber was handed a defeat when California courts ruled that its drivers are employees even though the company refers to them as independent contractors. But what is happening in Paris, France may be more troubling for the for-hire transport company.

Taxi drivers in gay Paree have taken to the streets to protest Uber cutting in on their traditional role. The drivers are not only protesting and marching, but have taken to turning Uber vehicles over. Near the Italian border tires were burned in the street. Airports and train stations were blocked to keep Uber from picking up passengers.

6. ISIS Attacks - No, the war is not over. The Islamic State has launched new attacks in northern Syria. After several major wins, at least in the propaganda war, over the past month, ISIS is continuing to rampage.

A shrine in Palmyra, captured last month by ISIS, it has been learned was destroyed. The terrorist organization has displayed it has no respect for ancient artifacts and history as it has wreaked destruction of many relics and artifacts over the last year.

While back home in the US of A, there still is not a strategy to deal with the terror threat and war in the Mideast.

7. Then There Were Two - Now it is not one, but two corrections staffers who are accused of helping two murderers escape three weeks ago from a New York maximum security prison. The latest accused is alleged to have given the killers tools concealed in frozen hamburger.

Some are now wondering if the boots found earlier this week may have been a plant to ease the public's concern over the apparent lack of forward progress in finding the escaped felons.

8. Supreme Watch - The other biggie case that Court watchers, the public and presidential candidates have been on the edge of their seats over is whether the Supreme Court will decide that same-gender couples have a constitutional right to wed. Many thought that decision would be handed down today. Now tomorrow is the day that has people holding their breath.

Of course the Justices could delay until next week to let everyone know the fate of same-gender equality nationwide.

9. The 2016 Horse Race - I revealed today my predictions on chances of winning the nomination on the Republican and Democratic ticket for President in 2016. I did not delve into positions or policies, but who has declared and how I think each will fare as they seek their party's nomination.

Check it out: And They're Off...

10. 'You're Fired!' - Univision is dropping its coverage of the Miss America pageant in reaction to what it says were disparaging remarks made by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in launching his campaign.

Trump's remarks about Mexican immigrants is stirring the controversy. Trump said that Latino immigrants were bringing in drugs and rapists to the US among other things. Trump also called for a wall, not just a fence, along the country's southern border.

That's what caught my attention for Thursday, June 25th, 2015.

Tune in tomorrow for another edition of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good evening!

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