Kernels - Friday, June 26, 2015

by Mark  

Dateline The Desert:

Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks, No Hulls, No Shucks!

News with a dash of commentary to spice up your fare for Friday, June 26th, 2015.

1. Dignity Constitutional Right - The big news of the day is the Supreme Court ruling which struck down bans across the land on same-gender weddings. In a 5-4 decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Court said that dignity was a constitutional right which meant that so-called gay marriage was constitutionally a basic right.

Read or view the video of my reaction: A Constitutional Right to Dignity.

2. Slain Pastor Laid to Rest - The Reverend Clementa Pinckney was laid to rest today in Charleston, South Carolina. A state senator as well as a minister, Pinckney was killed over a week ago by a deranged young man bent on starting a race war. Eight other parishioners of Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were also murdered.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were in attendance. The President delivered the eulogy.

To his credit, the President did not wax political today, but remained in religious form as fitting standing behind a pulpit.

The President did talk about the controversy over the Confederate battle flag and the days of slavery and Jim Crow from the days of carpetbaggers onward. He then looped it back to how grace covered all.

In closing the President broke into what many call the anthem of the Church, "Amazing Grace". The President to quote the coaches from The Voice was a little "pitchy" at times. 3. Presidential Candidates React - Democratic presidential candidates applauded the Supreme Court's decision legalizing marriage for same-gender couples today. Republican candidates were split with some acquiescing to reality while others vowing to fight on and insure that "religious liberty" is preserved in light of the ruling.

Recent polls found that over 1 in 6 Americans supported equality for same-gender couples. However, GOP voters by 6-1 remain opposed. Younger Republicans, on the other hand, split from the older generation and support equality by 7 to 1.

Whether you support equality or do not, the fact is without a constitutional amendment equality and dignity is now the law of the land. For Republicans this is not a winning issue in a general election. In the primaries, however, it may still be cause for who gets the nod and who does not.

4. OOPs! - Not that it will likely make much of a difference in her campaign to be the Democratic nominee for president, the State Department announced that the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton failed to turn over at least 15 emails. Clinton's scrubbing of her home server and full contol of her emails has been a source of controversy and irritation over the past several months.

Meanwhile, as different accusations keep piling up, Clinton is losing ground in New Hampshire to Senator Bernie Sanders. Clinton is down to 43% while Sanders is up to 37%. What appears to be a coronation may be usurped by the man known as "Mr. Socialist".

5. Three-Prong Attack - The Islamic Caliphate is claiming responsibility and celebrating three terrorist attacks on three continents today. Jihadists attacked in Kuwait in the Middle East, Tunisia on the north of Africa and in France.

The most upsetting attack was in France where a severed head with a message was left. Altogether about 100 were killed in the attacks.

Contrary to the Administration of President Obama, ISIS is not on the run, nor is terrorists backing down.

6. Remember the Iranian Deal - In a matter of days, the deadline between Iran and the rest of the world on its nuclear program is to be completed. June 29th is on the horizon and though there has been progress, a deal may or may not be achieved by the deadline.

A big headache may be Iran's insistence that all sanctions be lifted before Iran agrees and signs any deal.

Don't be surprised if this deadline like so many others comes and goes without a deal.

7. Deadly Crash - A small plane went down in the Alaskan outback killing all. Recovery efforts are ongoing.

Thoughts and prayers to families of those who died.

8. Canada? - Those two murderers who have been running free for nearly four weeks are now thought to have crossed or getting closer to stepping into Canada.

One of the prison workers charged with aiding and abetting the escape of the killers stated that he had no idea the tools, the access he gave them to sensitive areas in the prison was helping the pair in planning and making their escape.

9. Get Out of the Water - If you are going to North Carolina and taking your swim trunks or bathing suit, think twice. For the second time in as many weeks a shark has attacked a swimmer off the coast.

10. Too Strange to Be Fiction - Did you hear the one about the 18-year-old boy who killed a chicken an hour because his mother wouldn't listen to him?

In a story that is more Ripley's than Washington Post, it makes one scratch and shake one's head.

You can read it for yourself at

That's what caught my attention for Friday, June 26th, 2015.

Tune in Monday for another edition of Kernels From the Cornfield.

I am Mark Ivy.

Good day!

UPDATE: One of 2 killers shot, the other being chased by police. Capture or shooting of second escaped felon may be imminent.

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