Cornfield Uproar: Gays at the Prom!

by Mark  

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A brouhaha has broken out in the Cornfield, this bastion of social conservatism. School authorities are allowing same-gender couples to attend the Sullivan High School prom later this spring...gasp!

The trouble all began when students began circulating a petition to ask the school administration to allow same-gender couples the right to participate in the prom. School officials nixed the petition noting that there were no rules nor policy preventing gay and lesbian couples from participation. Those officials also noted that federal court rulings will not allow schools to bar same-gender students participation in a school-sanctioned function.

This has set off a ruckus with some parents now planning and preparing to conduct a "Christian" prom or traditional prom restricted to only male-female couples. But not everyone in the Southwestern School District agrees with having two proms. Some think that equality is only right and welcome same-gender couples participation. Some of the letters to the editor of the local newspaper, The Sullivan Daily Times, have held out strong opinions both for and against the inclusion.

Both my sister, Leticia, and I are graduates of Sullivan High School albeit 20 years apart. Leticia's son, Chance, my nephew, is a senior at Sullivan High and his sister, my niece, Jackalee, is a freshman. Leticia in a posting today on Facebook pointed out the hypocrisy of those planning the "Christian" prom. Leticia wrote:

"My question/statement on the issue: Why isn't this group holding a prom that is free of worldly music, kids who have premarital sex, unwed parents, no one who drinks, smokes, drugs? The community would not be in an uproar if these Christians stood up for ALL of their biblical beliefs and respectfully held a 'Christian Prom'. However, that's not the case here.

"They have singled out the gay students and basing this decision on 'their beliefs'.

"So being sexually immoral is ok as long as you are straight?

"Doing drugs and getting drunk is okay as long as you're straight?

"This is MY personal issue with this situation.

"It's not a separate Christian prom. It's a prom that is anti-gay.

"Stand up for your beliefs and when you do so, don't pick and choose which sins you don't accept.

"And by the way being around sinners, gays etc. isn't saying you accept everything they do. It's saying even though you may not agree with the way they live their lives, they are still loved and accepted as human beings. Jesus didn't win the hearts of sinners by casting stones. He did it by loving them. He didn't separate Himself and they knew He didn't accept their sin, but He sat with them and He was a light to them.

"I do believe that most of the people handling this 'traditional prom' are good loving people. I believe it was handled wrong. I believe they aren't doing this out of hate, that they really feel they are doing a good deed by having their own prom that supports their beliefs.

"But with that said, their prom should support ALL Christian values, not just anti-gay. If you're taking a stand, then stand up against all sins."

Little Sister, I couldn't have said it better.

People tend to pick and choose which "sins" they will condemn and which they tolerate. This runs contrary to most Christian teaching that all "sin" is sin. Of course what is sin continues to be debated. The Apostle James in his epistle stated that anyone that knows to do good and doesn't do it, "to him it is sin."

So if we know equality is good, but refuse to provide equality to all is that not "sin" under the definition provided by James, "the brother of our Lord"?

Times are changing and progress is being made be it ever so slow in happening. Who would have "thunk it" that the Cornfield would be the next battlefield in the struggle for equality for all Americans?

From the Cornfield, I applaud the fact that same-gender couples will be allowed to participate if they so choose in this year's Sullivan High School prom. For those conducting the "Christian" prom, Leticia preached a good sermon on standing up, not for some beliefs, but all beliefs and not picking and choosing which "biblical principles" to accept or reject.

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