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by Mark  

Following months of the blog software crashing my personal blog, Inside My Mind, for no reason, I decided to change the format to WordPress. For years I have used and enjoyed the b2evolution software for my blogs.

However, this continued crashing has become unacceptable. It has only been happening to Inside My Mind, but not to From the Cornfield and Kernels From the Cornfield.

It is a mystery.

I have also switched all my blogs over to the WordPress software.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and continue to follow along with my thoughts on anything affecting the political, economic, environmental, educational, religious, social issues and concerns, science and technological items, health and medical scenes or anything that may cause a strong viewpoint, opinion or perspective. This blog also often encapsulates news from around the world, but the focus is the US of A.

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With Malice Toward All...

by Mark  

Once upon a time, every child was taught whether winning or losing a game, a competition, a discussion or argument, it was only fitting and proper to be magnanimous. We called it good sportmanship.

That does not seem to be the case these days. Today the thing to do appears to be to gloat when winning and rubbing it in to the losing side. Today the thing to do appears to be, if losing, to cry, "Cheaters!" or to declare to wage a war to turn back time.

Where Abraham Lincoln once said, "with malice toward none", that has become with malice toward all.

With the historical events of this past week, the loudest and shrillest voices seem to be proponents and opponents on the issues acting out in a definite unsportsman-like manner.

The outcry is that those who disagree are haters, bigots, worthy of death, harm, kicked out of society.

Nowhere are we hearing, "OK, you won. Let's find a way to live together respecting each other's right to disagree."

Nowhere are we hearing, "Ok, we won. Let's find a way to live together respecting each other's right to disagree."

No, all we hear are howls of indignation, intolerance and ridicule.

On the issue of equality for same-gender couples, though the Supreme Court declared a right to dignity and the right to wed, the reaction of many in the GLBT community is outrageous. Painting those with an opposing view as homophobic, bigots, full of hatred is wrong. Those within the community even wishing death on those who hold to a religious belief is beyond the pale.

This ought not to be.

On the other side, those who still oppose same-gender equality, there are those condemning proponents to hell with no possibility of redemption or grace. There are calls to do whatever is necessary to get rid of the ruling and even those seeking ways to either kill or banish GLBT Americans from this nation.

This ought not to be.

Then there is the controversy revived following the cold-blooded gunning down of nine people at a Bible study by a deranged young man over the display, the depiction of any vestiges of the Confederate States of America. Again the most vocal on each side are calling each other racists, bigots and threatening harm.

This ought not to be.

Yes, I agree that flying a battle flag on the grounds of state buildings should not be. The battle flag has a place in history and belongs properly in a museum. Memorials are proper and fitting. Most of these men who fought and died in the War Between the States were defending states rights. The issue of slavery, as horrible as it was and is, was an incidental blessing when Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation.

Few, however, know or care to know that when Lincoln freed the slaves it was only in those states and territories at war with the Union. It did not change the enslavement in Union states. That would not come until after the war.

We need a return to civility when debating issues and concerns.

We need a return to the value of disagreeing, but defending to the death the right to think, speak and disagree.

From the Cornfield, time to rid our nation of the malice. It is passed time to unite as one nation and one people under God - whomever your God is or whether you believe in a Supreme Being or not.

Location: Nevada, United States

WWIII - We Are Already There

by Mark  

In social media, on blogs, in coffee shops and pubs, you can hear or read concern if current events may lead us into World War III.

I would submit we are already there.

Whether you believe or do not believe in prophecy - any prophecy - biblical, Islamic or any other, it is interesting that four of the nations currently emeshed in the war on terrorism are named prominently in end of time foretelling. All four are also supporters or providing aid and shelter to jihadists bent on the destruction of the Great Satan, the US of A, and western civilization.

Those four nations are: Libya, Persia or Iran, Syria and the ancient empire of Babylon - Iraq.

When you look at how many nations around the world are involved in this struggle of ideology, it is clear that the world is at war. When you look at how many continents are under attack, it is clear that the world is at war.

One of the stated goals of the Islamic State, the self-proclaimed caliphate, is the ushering in the final battle of Armageddon and the supremacy of Islam over all peoples of the world. From Jerusalem and Babylon, the caliphate will rule the world.

I further submit that World War III began on September 11, 2001. Up until that time there had been bombings and attacks, but each country, each nation dealt with the probelm on their own.

With the airliner attacks in New York City and Washington D.C, the majority of the world rallied around the United States in seeking revenge and extracting retribution on Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda and those who gave them aid and comfort - the Taliban.

Yet this war is not your war of nation against nation. This is a new kind of war of ideology versus ideology, civilization versus civilization. This war is not like any other.

The idea of bringing the world to submission and death to all who oppose has happened before. Most recenlty in the 1930s and 1940s, we saw the rise of Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party (Nazis) seeking the implementation of a 1,000-year reich and the Aryan Empire. The world rallied against this monster and his henchman along with his allies - the empire of Japan and the fascist state of Benito Mussolini in Italy.

But that was a more traditional struggle. Nations aligned with nations against other nations. This time it is the nations aligning against a foe who does not play by any rules and without geographic boundaries.

If the West is defeated, be assured that the war will not stop. The attention will then turn on Eastern Civilization. China, Japan and Southeast Asia will become the target.

There can only be one outcome. Either the West destroys or weakens the jihadist terrorits to the point of making them not more than a deadly irritant or the fanatical soldiers of terrorism win.

Will the world survive?

Will nations survive?

Who will win?

Will this war last for decades, centuries, a millenium?

From the Cornfield, are we on the edge of the battle to end all battles or are we allowing emotion and fear to mislead our reality?

Location: Nevada, United States

A Constitutional Right to Dignity

by Mark  

Dateline: The Desert

In dramatic fashion, the US Supreme Court ruled today in a 5-4 decision that same-gender couples have a constitutional right to dignity and equality.

As of today, same-gender couples, like opposite-gender couples, have the constitutional right to have their union legally recognized by all 50 states.

So-called gay marriage is now legal throughout the United States.

Today is a day of jubilation for the GLBT community.

Today, same-gender couples may file and receive a license to wed the person he or she loves.

Not only did the Supreme Court confer the right to wed, but also the right to divorce.

In December, my partner of 10 years and I were wed after equality was conferred in Indiana. Sadly, we are now separated and will soon be going through divorce.

But the whole scope of marriage from being joined to seeking and being granted a divorce decree was today upheld as a constitutional right throughout the land.

I never thought, just a year or two ago, that in my lifetime I would see the Court, the nation move this far down the road toward equality for all couples - no matter whether the couple was same-gender or opposite-gender.

This is a great day for equality.

This is a great day for the Constitution.

This is a great day for the GLBT.

This is a great day for all Americans.

From the Cornfield, today, though I am going through a personal crisis with my own soon-to-be ex-spouse, I am jubliant that the Supreme Court has ruled justly for all Americans.

Location: Nevada, United States

And They're Off...

by Mark  

For political junkies like me, the most exciting season of all is now underway in full force. I am talking about the 2016 Presidential Race.

Listening to the national media, you may not realize there are even more people running on both the Democratic side and the Republican side than being reported.

Here is who is currently declared, those who may jump in and my take on their chances of winning their respective party's nod to be the nominee.

I am starting with the Democrats and follow with Republicans. I am not delving into positions or my take on those positions at this time - only who is running and my take on where the candidates stand with a winning chance if any.

Declared Democratic Candidates for President 2016

Hillary Clinton - Chance of winning the party bid: 98%

Morrison Bonpasse - Chance of winning: 0%

Martin O'Malley - Chance of winning 10%

Harry Braun - Chance of winning 0%

Andy Caffrey - Chance of winning 0%

Willie Carter - Chance of winning 0%

Lincoln Chafee - Chance of winning 2%

Lloyd Kelso - Chance of winning 0%

Bernie Sanders - Chance of winning 5%

Doug Shreffler - Chance of winning 0%

Michael Steinberg - Chance of winning 0%

Robby Wells - Chance of winning 0%

Willie Wilson - Chance of winning 0%

Brad Winslow - Chance of winning 0 %

That is a total of 14 declared candidates.

Of that number 1 is a woman and 2 are African-American, none Hispanic.

May Jump In:

Jim Webb - Chance of winning 10%

Michael Bennet - Chance of winning 0%

Joe Biden - Chance of winning 5%

Andrew Cuomo - Chance of winning 15%

Howard Dean - Chance of winning 2%

Rahm Emanuel - Chance of winning 15%

Al Franken - Chance of winning 2%

Alan Grayson - Chance of winning 0%

Amy Klobuchar - Chance of winning 15%

Dan Malloy - Chance of winning 2%

Jack Markell - Chance of winning 2%

Claire McCaskill - Chance of winning 3%

Chris Murphy - Chance of winning 2%

Janet Napolitano - Chance of winning 1%

Brian Schweitzer - Chance of winning 25%

Mark Warner - Chance of winning 5%

Elizabeth Warren - Chance of winning 15%

That makes 17 maybes with only Webb having formed an exploratory commitee.

Declared Republican Candidates for President 2016

Skip Andrews - Chance of winning 0%

Michael Bickelmeyer - Chance of winning 0%

Kerry Bowers - Chance of winning 0%

Jeb Bush - Chance of winning 50%

Dr. Ben Carson - Chance of winning 3%

Dale Christensen - Chance of winning 0%

Ted Cruz - Chance of winning 4%

Brooks Cullison - Chance of winning 0%

John Dummett Jr. - Chance of winning 0%

Mark Everson - Chance of winning 0%

Carly Fiorina - Chance of winning 2%

Lindsey Graham - Chance of winning 5%

Jim Hayden - Chance of winning 0%

Chris Hill - Chance of winning 0%

Mike Huckabee - Chance of winning 5%

Bobby Jindal - Chance of winning 1%

Michael Kinlaw - Chance of winning 0%

George Pataki - Chance of winning 1%

Rand Paul - Chance of winning 20%

Rick Perry - Chance of winning 15%

Michael Petyo - Chance of winning 0%

Marco Rubio - Chance of winning 30%

Brian Russell - Chance of winning 0%

Rick Santorum - Chance of winning 1%

Jefferson Sherman - Chance of winning 0%

Donald Trump - Chance of winning 7%

That is a total of  26 declared candidates.

Of that number, 1 is a woman, 1 is African-American, 1 is Indian-American, 2 are Hispanic.

May Jump In:

Chris Christie - Chance of winning 5%

Dennis Michael Lynch - Chance of winning 0%

Scott Walker - Chance of winning 20%

Bob Ehrlich - Chance of winning 1%

Jim Gilmore - Chance of winning 0%

John Kasich - Chance of winning 5%

Peter King - Chance of winning 5%

That is 7 potential candidates with Christie, Lynch and Walker having formed exploratory committees.

This is one of the most highly populated election ever. Currently we have 40 candidates declared and running from the two major parties. I haven't even taken a look at the others that are running or may run with the minor parties, including the Libertarian Party.

How do you think the candidates stand in getting their party's nomination?

From the Cornfield, we have a long race ahead of us before we get anywhere near the home stretch.

Location: Nevada, United States

From The Cornfield to The Desert

by Mark  

For those who follow my personal blog, Inside My Mind, it comes as no surprise to learn I am no longer in The Cornfield, but in The Desert.

Due to personal reasons and issues with health, it became necessary and more pressing that I make the arduous journey alone nearly 2,000 miles from the humid Cornfield to the arid Desert.

Thankfully, the Good Lord watched over me.

There are times in life that events happen which keep us grounded and humbled. Such occurred with my trek from The Cornfield - Farmersburg, Indiana to The Desert - Laughlin, Nevada, where I have staked my claim. To my surprise and gratitude, iReporter blabbylips came to my rescue in my time of need. To her I am eternally appreciative as well as to the iReport community.

Equally I am thankful to my Angels - you know who you are - who have been there for me over the last few years.

Family has been supportive, providing advice and encouragement as well. This was not a decision I took lightly.

Thank you to each of you have made my exodus from The Cornfield to The Desert a successful landing.

Some have asked if my change in location will be reflected in a change in my musings on the political scene, policy critique and commentary on the news of the day. In short the answer is, "No."

My perspective was shaped and formed in The Cornfield. The fact that I am now in The Desert does not alter the genesis of how I come to my opinions. My articles and reports on politics and policy will continue to come From The Cornfield. My take on the daily news will be found in Kernels From The Cornfield.

The images are of the new Desert Mark's Den.

From the Cornfield, adapting and adjusting to life in a more hospitable climate.

Location: Nevada, United States

Civil Rights Violation Suit Filed

by Mark  

A woman in Nebraska, acting as the ambassador for the plaintiffs: God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, has filed a lawsuit in federal court against all homosexuals on Planet Earth claiming homosexuals' mere existence violates the civil rights of the Divine.

Legal issues aside, such as whether she has standing to sue on behalf of God, there are a variety of theological concerns as well.

Without commentary, read all about it at:

From the Cornfield, this is the first, and doubtful it will be last, submission to the Cornfield OOPs! File for 2015 as the Presidential Primary season heats up with summer approaching.

Location: Indiana, United States

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