Civil Rights Violation Suit Filed

by Mark  

A woman in Nebraska, acting as the ambassador for the plaintiffs: God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son, has filed a lawsuit in federal court against all homosexuals on Planet Earth claiming homosexuals' mere existence violates the civil rights of the Divine.

Legal issues aside, such as whether she has standing to sue on behalf of God, there are a variety of theological concerns as well.

Without commentary, read all about it at:

From the Cornfield, this is the first, and doubtful it will be last, submission to the Cornfield OOPs! File for 2015 as the Presidential Primary season heats up with summer approaching.

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None Dare Call It Treason?

by Mark  

As we enter this first week of May, the events of the past few weeks and what seems to be brewing have me waxing philosophical.

This pondering has intensified when hearing the rhetoric pouring forth from some talking heads and the comments typed on political and news web sites. The overflow of verbosity on social media can be deafening.

What has me in a state of intellectual debate with myself?

I am wondering if we might be seeing and reading the seed being sown of what may lead some to forebear our time-honored system of checks and balances in government in order to attempt - and fail, I believe - to "form a more perfect union."

One of my favorite movies of all time is the 1964 production of "Seven Days in May". It is the story of an attempted military coup to oust the President of the United States for daring to sign a treaty with the then Soviet Union following the US putting Iran in its place. The Joint Chiefs of Staff along with some congressional committee chairman aided and abetted by some members of the press plan to remove the President within seven days in May because they believe the treaty with the Soviets is national "suicide".

Naturally the coup was thwarted.

Recent events, comments and activity going on throughoutout our nation has me wondering if there are some - conservatives, liberals, moderates - whites, blacks, browns - are taking to heart the words of Thomas Jefferson and now is the time when "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Are the cries of "No Justice. No Peace", but a rallying cry to rise up as the Sons of Liberty did in Boston well over two centuries ago?

Are the calls to do whatever is necessary to return the country to conservative principles or march farther down the road of liberal progressivism percursors to a new civil war?

When words rise to the power of inciting insurrection over what is perceived as a corrupt government resulting in violence are the writers and speakers guilty of treason or living up to the ideals established by the revolutionaries of the late 18th Century which resulted in the rebellion and break from Great Britain and formation of these United States of America?

From the Cornfield, some thoughts to ponder, cuss and discuss, as we wait for the unofficial launch of summer as the month closes out.

Did I fail to mention that the field is getting crowded by those wanting to be President?

For more on "Seven Days in May":

Location: Indiana, United States

Roll Away Stone, Pocket the Rock

by Mark  

Sunday, those of the Christian faith stop, reflect and renew our conviction in the most powerful tenet of our religious belief - that death is but a shadow, yet the soul lives on eternal. This tenet also known as the "blessed hope" is what Christians believe sets them apart from those of other or no religious persuasion.

The idea rooted in faith, "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen", cannot be measured by the tangible senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing or sight. It can only be grasped and held by that inner belief and confidence in tomorrow.

This belief is best summed up in the words of the angel to Mary when she came to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus after his crucifixion and death.

"He's not here. He is risen."

This Easter weekend across the US of A, the world, there seems to be an effort by some to attack those of the Christian faith. There are those who profess to be Christians who are attempting to set up a "kingdom" on Earth rather than waiting for the return of Christ to set up His kingdom.

That first day of the week when the female disciples went to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body, one question filled their minds:

"Who will roll away the stone?"

A large stone had been placed at the entrance to the tomb along with guards to prevent the followers of the Nazarene from "stealing away His body". The fear among those who rejected Jesus as the Messiah was the disciples would proclaim, that true to His word, Jesus had risen from the dead.

When the women arrived at the tomb, they found the guards were gone.

They found the stone had been rolled away.

My question to both Christian believers and non-believers is:

Have we placed a stone of our own making once more over the mouth of the tomb?

Is it not time to allow the angel to roll away the stone?

Are we the stones in the way?

Remember, God was not the whirlwind.

God was not the fire.

God was that still small voice.

If as Christians we believe with God nothing is impossible, He will establish His kingdom in His time.

When the apostles wanted to proclaim Jesus as king of an eathly kingdom, He told them His kingdom was not of this world.

When Peter drew his sword and cut off the ear of the High Priest's servant, Jesus ordered Peter to put away the sword. Jesus then healed the severed ear.

It is time to roll away the stone we have placed at the mouth of His tomb.

It is time to allow the other stones in our lives to be rolled away.

It is time to "stand and know that I am God" as He said to the psalmist.

I know that I have been guilty of allowing or trying to keep the stone in place. Then I wonder why this or that happens when if I get out of the way and allow the stone to be moved, joy waits in the morning.

I recall nearly 30 years ago a sermon by my late step-father, the Reverend Jack Hollifield, who went to his reward nearly a quarter of a century ago. Taking his text that Sunday morning from the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery where Jesus said, "Let the person who is without sin cast the first stone", Pastor Jack challenged the congregation to leave the sanctuary and go to a small rock pile outside the front door of The Lighthouse Chapel.

Pastor Jack asked each of us to pick a small rock from the pile. Place the rock in our pocket to remind us that each of us are but sinners who have found grace. Each time we are ready to cast a stumbling block, an aspersion, to grab hold of that rock in our pocket and refrain from the negative and instead cast love.

There are those I know, who to this day, are still carrying that rock to keep them on the straight and narrow.

What about me?

What about you?

Is it not time to keep our rocks in our pocket and allow the stone preventing the new life from emerging to be rolled away?

For those who are believers, I offer a prayer this weekend that your faith be renewed, your conviction made more resolute and a desire that you will know by faith the power of the resurrection.

For those of other faiths or no religious belief, but still pause to spend time and connection with family and friends, I offer a hearty, "Happy Easter".

From the Cornfield, to quote King David, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me".

Location: Indiana, United States

Turning Tables - Not Right

by Mark  

The worst of humanity has been on display over the past couple of weeks since the passage of Indiana's controversial religious freedom law.

As has happened down through the history of mankind, the oppressed have become the oppressors.

The bullied have become the bullies.

This ought not to be.

My same-gender spouse and I are ashamed of, appalled by the conduct of some opponents and proponents of equality.

I have personally experienced the ugliness of abuse - physical and verbal - for simply being who I am. There is no room, no license now that society is becoming more accepting to turn the tables and extract retribution of actual and perceived wrongs.

If any of us wants to be taken for whom we are, to live in tolerance, we must be accepting of opposition. We must show and live tolerance.

The vitriol and threats from those in favor and those against this law, now under revision and review, are not profitable.

The shuttering of a pizzeria due to threats of harm is not acceptable.

This is America.

This is Indiana.

There is room in the inn. Accomodation can and must be made for all views, all perspectives - whether we agree or disagree.

It is spring.

Time to turn down the thermostat.

From the Cornfield, this man will follow what Jesus taught. I will love my enemies. I will do good to those who wish me harm. By doing thus I will heap "coals of fire" upon their heads.

Location: Indiana, United States

Hoosiers, Razorbacks Capable of Dealing with Stupid on Our Own

by Mark  

I just happened to be born and live in Indiana. I also just happen to be gay.

I just happened to have started school in Burdette, Arkansas. I just happened to have grown up partially in a number of other Arkansas towns.

My grandparents, Dad and aunt just happened to have lived for a large number of years in Arkansas.

Yes, and during my years in Arkansas, I just happened to be gay.

Personally if those protesting the loudest about the recently passed religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas are not from or living in Indiana or Arkansas, I wish they would shut up and let us citizens deal with stupid.

We really don't need the help - thank you, very much.

Politicians are playing games, but we, the voters, are not as ignorant as they think and will remember come 2016 if our pols continue to cast our states in a bad and unfavorable light making the citizens in other states think we support stupid.

Oh yeah, I just happen to be a moderate, independent voter too.

Location: Indiana, United States

What Lies Beneath the Surface?

by Mark  

The Apostle Paul warned Christians that Lucifer - Satan - the Devil - at times appears as an angel of light. Often when this happens the father of lies does not reveal himself and his purpose until too late and a trusting soul is sucked into a black hole consuming all light.

In our own anecdotal lives we often find beauty and attractive looks conceal an ugliness. We have all been taught how the shiniest fruit, looking so delicious, may be rotten to the core when we take a bite.

Thus is the case with legislation signed into law last week by Indiana Governor Mike Pence here in the Cornfield. Using the appealing justification of protecting religious freedom, the new law, which takes effect in July, has the effect of codifying discrimination.

While the media and opponents of the law are focusing on what is perceived as a right to bar service to gays and lesbians if a business owner holds a "deeply held religious belief" that condemns homosexuality as sin. While this does appear to be the case, the law is more harmful than what meets the eyes.

Indiana is one of the most conservative states in the nation. Though a part of the North and having fought with the Union in the Civil War, the state has a sordid past when it comes to civil rights.

Once the Cornfield was a bastion of the Klu Klux Klan with tentacles strretching into the governor's mansion and throughout the General Assembly. Once the state, which also was part of the Underground Railroad prior to the War Between the States, saw its share of unjustified, hate-driven hangings and abuse of those of color.

This latest law does nothing to enhance the state as it prepares to celebrate its 200th anniversary of statehood. Rather this law throws Indiana back into the dark days of yore when hatred and evil reigned.

Not only does this law allow for justified and legal discrimination against the GLBT, the law could conceivably be used for Jewish businesses to refuse service to Muslims and Christians. Hindus could bar Bhuddists. Protestants and Catholics could shun each other. Mainline church members could say, "No" to evangelicals.

The law opens the door for bias and discrimination at its worst pitting one group against another - all under the noble ideal of relgious freedom.

This is not right.

This nation, this state, was founded on the principle of freedom of and freedom from religion as well as the ideals in the Declaration of Independence of "unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". While those rights have limits where one's exercise infringes on the rights of others, this is what America is all about.

This law, though sounding high and noble, is a mere camoflage of the real purpose which is to legalize discrimination. No matter how the Governor attempts to continue the ruse, the mask is off, the nature is revealed.

In the time of Jesus walking on the Earth, there were civic and religious leaders who tried the same tactics. They were known as Pharisees. Jesus had no use for them and saw them as making their faith publicly known only to set themselves up above others with a guise of being more "holy".

Jesus preached against being like the Pharisees. Jesus taught us to keep our faith between us and God. Jesus taught to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's."

One of my concerns when Pence ran for office was that he would pull such a move once elected. It is one reason I supported his opponent with my vote. Pence, spoken of as a possible presidential contender, served as a voice of social conservatives while a member of the US House of Representatives. At times his positions found him out of step with more establishment and moderate Republicans.

The signature of Pence on this legislation does not make the quest for the White House any easier. This position pits Pence in the same camp, seeking the same small number of voters which Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee are hoping to win over. None of these, in my opinion, have a chance in winning the national vote.

This law not only makes Indiana look bad, it makes the Republican Party dancing without rhythm and out of step with most voters. If the GOP continues on this walk, the White House will remain in the hands of Democrats.

I take no issue with those, who genuinely do not want my business or my money on relgious grounds. There are plenty of other business owners eager to take my hard-earned and few dollars.

I do, however, believe any business which is licensed by the state to do business with the public must do so without discrimination of any kind. Open to the public means open to the public, which is everyone.

Can Hoosiers redeem themselves in time before the damage becomes life-threatening or at least economically putting the state, which boasts a surplus, on budgetary life-support?

This law is not good for the Cornfield.

This law is not good for Hoosiers.

This law is not good for religious freedom.

This law is not good, no matter the intention.

From the Cornfield, Governor Pence, all the mincing words in the world will not calm the uproar. As Oliver Hardy was fond of saying to Stanley Laurel, "What a fine mess you've gotten us into".

Location: Indiana, United States

Beauty of Day Marred by Traffic Mishap

by Mark  

Returning to Mark's Den in the Cornfield after feasting in honor of Saint Patrick at Ryan's Buffet prior to the 5 p.m. rush hour I came upon a collision on US 41 south of Terre Haute and a short distance north of the partially completed 641 bypass and Ivy Tech Community College. Two vehicles had a nasty accident crumpling both vehicles' frontends.

Not sure of what injuries may have resulted. The Indiana State Police and Vigo County Sheriff's deputies were on the scene. Emergency medical technicians were working with drivers and/or passengers from the vehicles. Personnel with the Honeycreek Townshp Fire Department were assisting with clean-up.

Hoping no one was critically harmed.

US 41 Accident 1

US 41 Accident 2

From the Cornfield, wishing each of you a safe and joyous Saint Patick's Day!

Location: Indiana, United States

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