Development of a President

From his descent down the stairs at Trump Tower in New York City to his election to the Oval Office in the White House in Washington DC, Donald Trump’s journey and development from a businessman and reality television star to President of the United States:

That Thorny Immigration Issue

Trump Effect Or How to Throw an Election

Polls – Should We Care?

Presidential Preference Poll Results

Trumping Trump

The Not-So-Sweet 16

Desert Poll Results

One All-Star in Top 10

Where Do They Stand? Anybody?

Stunt to Serious Contention

Fall Beckons, Time to Prune

2nd Real Debate!

Political Sea Ebbs & Flows

Pluck the Political Tares

Candidates Versus Moderators

The GOP Family Feud

Wake Up Republican Base

Campaigning Versus Reality – Rhetoric Can Be Dangerous

Trump 3rd Party Threat – Historical Evidence

Debate Take-Aways

Cornfield Polling Results

Bare-Knuckles Brawl

No-Show Wins

Bare Knuckles Brawl

An American Revolution

Wannabes Punch, Weave, Jab

Trump Effect Redux

Reality TV Election Season 1

The Evolution of Donald Trump

Person Versus Persona

The Race Is On

Race for the White House

No Electoral Majority – Then What?

Trump’s Choices

Indiana’s Stars Are Shining

Making the Right Choice

Grandpa and Trump

‘I Can’t Hear You!’

Qualified to Be President

And Therein Is the Problem

Debate Changes Little

Voters Face Dilemma

Second Debate Another Draw

Voters Only Hope

Final Debate Another Draw

On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump won 307 electoral votes and the presidency defeating Hillary Clinton.

Mr. President Elect, You Are Wrong

Peaceful Transition


Children of Liberty Rising

Finding News

From the Cornfield, and today, this 20th day of March, 2017, we are witnessing a public hearing by the House Intelligence Committee with the Directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency into whether members of President Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians to throw the 2016 presidential election.

Thus has been the development of a US President.

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