When You’re Right, You’re Right

Seldom will you find me thinking or agreeing with The New York Times Tom Friedman, but something he said tonight on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, has me shouting, “Amen!”

Friedman noted that he cannot understand and takes issue with why President Barack Obama has not retaliated against Russia for hacking and interfering with our election process, if that is what happened.

As Friedman pointed out, if so, this is an attack by a foreign entity on the very core of our democracy.

The US intelligence community and the Administration knew for months and months, long before the October 7 press release about the issue.

Reportedly they knew that Russia characters were up to their eyebrows in the swamp of hacking into the Democratic National Committee, the private email of John Podesta and others.

And – have done nothing.

The Administration has known about the fake news site emanating out of Eastern Europe. 

And – have done nothing.


As Friedman said, an attack at the core of our electoral system is an all out attack on America and trumps all other issues.

So what if the President was worried about getting Russia on his side in Syria or with the Iran deal or any number of issues?

So what if Donald Trump could use it, if he lost to Hillary Clinton, as an excuse to cry, “Foul!”

Russia has attacked the US of A, according to what intelligence agencies are saying.

From the Cornfield, the number one job of President of the United States is to protect the country and the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If in fact, as the intelligence indicates, the Russian government – all the way up to Russian President Vladimir Putin – launched a cyber attack on our electoral system – then do your job, Mr. President.

Do not wait for the next President and expect him to do it for you.

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