Voters Face Dilemma


Nearly two years ago the race to replace President Barack Obama in the Oval Office took off to a less than stellar start.

More than 100 wannabes threw their names in the hat to be whittled down to two major party candidates and two third-party candidates, who can impact the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election.

During this summer, the American voters were stuck with the two most unpopular nominees from the Republicans and Democrats – for that matter any political party – in American history.

From the Republicans we have Donald Trump – reality television star and businessman.Misogynist, self-absorbed, laughs about sexual abuse and incest.

From the Democrats we have Hillary Clinton – consummate politician,former Secretary of State, former Senator, former First Lady of the US of A, former First Lady of Arkansas and former Goldwater Girl (look it up). Devoid of trust and likability, will say anything to get elected.

From the Libertarians, there is Gary Johnson – former two-term New Mexico Governor and businessman. He is also a goof ball with no regard to foreign affairs which affects his primary job as President to be Commander-in-Chief.

From the Green Party hails Dr. Jill Stein, who would rather go to jail than use reason. Camped so far to the left her only chance is if she lived in her own private Utopia.

For American voters, it is a dilemma.

Various polls and surveys reveal that enthusiasm for any of the candidates is sorely lacking. The surveys reveal that most people plan to cast a vote NOT for a candidate, but against the other candidate.

Check out this article from a couple of weeks ago: What’s on the Minds of Voters.

Now in the last 48 hours an already unbelievable campaign season has been turned inside out again.

Audio and video of Trump talking like Trump and saying what everyone already knew has surfaced. Knowing and hearing and seeing are not the same.

Republicans are running away like someone being chased by a swarm of yellow jackets. Cries are going out to replace Trump with his running mate Mike Pence.

Lost in all the hullabaloo, are new email revelations about Clinton, which should sink her candidacy as well. There is the revelation the White House colluded with Clinton and her campaign on how to deal with the scandal over her use of a private email server while at State.

Then there are those transcripts of speeches with Goldman-Sachs that proves she lies to the public and says and does another when being paid big bucks.

This is all the backdrop for the second Presidential Debate, which will happen Sunday night at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

What are voters to do?

We have the choice of four candidates, none of whom meet up to the standard Americans deserve.

Please do not tell me about Evan McMullin, the #NeverTrump independent. He can’t even get on half of the ballots.

Today in my Cornfield Standings, I gave four ears of corn to Writing In Myself. That is how frustrated I am as a political junkie.

What would happen if the rest of us who have not voted, actually wrote in ourselves?

Could we then get a new election with candidates deserving of our vote?

Or would it fall to the US House of Representatives to pick a President of the Congress own choosing?

Thousands, perhaps millions, of early voters have already cast ballots.

What are voters to do?

What if Wikileaks does come out with even worse about Clinton that seals her fate and proves she broke the law?

What if more audio, images and video come out about Trump?

I am also nauseated by the hypocrisy and the fake outrage of so many in the national press. The umbrage is so transparent.

How much of this really is “breaking news?

How much of this has been known by many in the media for years, for decades?

Will we ever get back an objective press?

From the Cornfield, I do not have an answer. I am totally flustered.

I have no clue what to do come November 8.

How much stink can any of us hold our noses for before the smell puts us in a coma?

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