What’s on the Minds of Voters


Monday night the two major presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will look each other in the eye for the first time this political cycle at Hofstra University for the first of three Presidential Debates.

Just in time for this event that is expected to have maybe 100 million viewers tuning in at 9 p.m. (ET), Pew Research has released a new study of what is on voters’ minds.

One thing is very clear. These two are the most disliked of any candidates for President in history.

The main topic on people’s minds is how much they dislike the other candidate over the one for whom they plan to vote.

In other words, people are not voting for anyone – not even the Libertarian Gary Johnson nor the Green Party Dr. Jill Stein. Instead, voters are voting against a candidate whom they despise more than the others.

Check out this chart:


Some 33% voting for Clinton are because she is not Trump. While 32% of those voting for Trump are doing so because he is not Clinton.

When it comes to what concern people voting for either Trump or Clinton, it bears out that this is more about not voting for the other candidate.


Trump voters are worried about his temperament and unpredictability, something which Clinton has been blasting Trump for on the stump.

While Clinton voters take issue with her dishonesty and secrecy, which Trump has effectively hit her rousing doubts on the trail.


This election, even though the vote is against and not for a candidate, it may come down to which side the voters are most enthused about defeating. But enthusiasm for with either Clinton or Trump is minimal.

American voters are beyond just not happy about the choices or the shenanigans of this election cycle:


Finally what do voters say in their own words?


From the Cornfield, will anything change following tomorrow night’s debate?

Personally, I doubt it.

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