Making the Right Choice


Doing the right thing and doing what you want are not always synonymous.

So was the case this week as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump laboring over who to choose as his running mate in his quest for the White House. The field had narrowed down to three possibilities – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

The one trait Trump values most as his history reveals is loyalty – loyalty to him. This was the major selling point for picking the outspoken, often in-your-face Christie. Christie had Trump’s heart. But it was not enough to win the Oval Office.

Trump was forced by his children and professional, political staff to face the reality that political concerns and unity of the party which had brought him to the dance must be the priority.

Then what about the man who had led the Republican revolution in the 1990s which gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years – Gingrich?

Gingrich had proven he could take on the Bill and Hillary Clinton machine and win. He even ran a strong race for the nomination himself four years ago against Mitt Romney, though losing in the end.

Yet, even Gingrich pointed out that both he and Trump were “pirates” fighting against the more established naval forces this political season. What was needed, Gingrich argued, even as he sought to be Trump’s other half, was some calmer, more aligned with the Establishment.

As Trump acknowledged today in introducing Pence as his running mate, in the end his heart lost out. A combative spirit akin to his own soul would not win. The right choice was unifying the Republican Party with someone that both the GOP Establishment, Evangelicals and Tea Party loyalists agreed was someone with whom they could unite behind.

This meant going with the Indiana Governor.

While true Pence has his own history for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and whomever she chooses as a running mate to lob bombs at, compared to the Christie and Gingrich, Pence will be a hard foe to fight.

It was telling that the song playing prior to Trump introducing Pence to the nation was “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

From the Cornfield, while I am not a Pence fan and would once more vote against him as I did in 2012 if he had continued his re-election campaign for Governor of the Cornfield, I agree with the Trump children.

Mike Pence was the right choice. Earlier this week I wrote about Trump’s Choices, suggesting the right choice to make would be Pence.

Yes, my friends, Indiana’s Stars Are Shining on this monumental Saturday.

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