Race for the White House


With the national conventions of the two major parties only weeks away, what is the state of the race for the White House on this Independence Day holiday weekend?

Falling flat.

That’s what happened in New Hampshire on Thursday when Donald Trump attempted to make a joke about Mexico, pointing to a plane flying above the crowd. Trump said it might be Mexican and the country was ready for war.


Then Trump let slide a woman asking him about replacing Transportation Safety Administration workers who wear those “hibby jobbies” with veterans.

Rather than let the woman know her reference was inappropriate, Trump said he was “looking into it.

Double Thud!

A new ad out from the Hillary Clinton camp, slamming Trump for being “too volatile” to be Commander-in-Chief, uses video of him in Scotland following the Brexit vote talking like a businessman in soft, controlled terms which belied there was anything volatile about him.


Remember yesterday about Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who is overseeing the criminal investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State, meeting former President Bill Clinton, husband of the candidate, on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona?

Seems the two retired to the AG’s plane and had a sit-down for about an hour. Lynch and the former Prez both say it was purely social and about the family and grandkids.

Oh, but the optics!

Today Lynch, while not recusing herself, said she will not object to whatever finding the Federal Bureau of Investigation concludes at the end of the investigation.

Double Fail!

Trump says he is fighting on two battlefronts – the Democrats and Establish Republicans who refuse to be assimilated into the new GOP he is creating.

All this is making it difficult for The Donald to hire staff he needs and to find anyone willing to speak at the Republican National Convention which gets underway July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some of the staff he has hired are jumping ship.

Shoot, Trump can’t even get the sitting Republican Governor and former rival John Kasich to attend the event in Kasich’s own state.

Moody’s Analytics, not to be outdone by Nate Silver, is handing the race to Clinton as well.

Here’s how Moody’s puts it:

The closer we come to election day, the more that two-year change is based in history and less on our economic forecasts,” said Dan White, a Moody’s economist who oversees the monthly model.

With just over four months left to election day, the chances of an economic forecast error distorting the results are fading,” he said.

This ups the confidence level in the model’s results, though forecast risks are always present, especially when it comes to politics.

Scuttlebutt has it that Trump will name his vice presidential pick – soon – before the convention. The top contenders: Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Bob Corker and Jeff Sessions (both Senators).

Christie would be a better pick IMHO as Attorney General.

Newt is so 1990s – wait we already have Clinton talking about the good ole days of the 90s.

As to Corker or Sessions, both would be great picks in any other year – not so sure about this crazy Reality Television Election.

There is even talk about the Cornfield’s own Governor Mike Pence being consider for Veep.

Talk about an election killer.

Plus Pence has his hands full trying to fend off another run for the Governor’s Mansion by former Indiana Speaker of the House John Gregg (my personal pick).

Uncle Bernie Sanders is trying to quell the pronouncement by Vice President Joe Biden that he will endorse Clinton.

Joe and I talked about three weeks ago, and as I said, right now my hope is we can reach an agreement on some very important issues and I can go forward to the millions of people who supported me and say, ‘Look this is the progress we’ve made, this is where we’re gonna go as a country,‘” Sanders said. “So, I hope it happens. As of this moment we’re not there quite yet.

So will he or won’t he?

When questioned why he was bothering to run, considering the chances of a third party win, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson said, “I would not be doing this if there wasn’t the opportunity to win.

From the Cornfield, that’s how the race for the White House is looking as Americans prepare to enjoy fireworks to celebrate the birth of the nation.

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