Breaking Tradition


This election cycle it seems all the conventional wisdom has been thrown out the window. The chattering class is having a field day as the usual way of doing business is being disrupted. Thoughts of how things should be or how things have been are a distant memory.

Most of the conversation has revolved around Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

But – it is not Trump alone who is snubbing his nose at long-held traditions. Remember back in the April 26 edition of Kernels From the Cornfield when I wrote:

Unhappy Brits – President Barack Obama is finding the welcome mat being rolled up as he visits the United Kingdom.

Some Brits are not too happy with the President sticking his nose in the nation’s internal affairs when he wrote an op-ed urging the British people to say, “no” on leaving the European Union.

Making matters worse, when questioned on the issue by a British reporter at a press conference today with British Prime Minister David Cameron, the President took umbrage and showed he was not pleased with being asked why he was meddling. The President in his remarks before the question had doubled down on his view that the United Kingdom should stay in the EU.

The reporter pointed out that the President had previously stated that the US of A would not submit to some of the rules and levies which the EU put on Great Britain.

Cameron did his best to pull the President out of the hole which he continued to dig.

Today, President Obama went far and beyond tradition.

Today during a press conference in Ottawa, Canada following a joint meeting with the other two leaders in North America, President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, the Prez broke all the rules.

The President turned every question asked by reporters into a tirade and rant about Trump.

The President echoed Nieto and Trudeau in referring to Trump, with none calling Trump by name, a demagogue.

The Prez gave a lecture on what a populist is and that Trump is a xenophobe or nativist.

Time was that politics stopped at the shoreline. In other words, politics did not extend beyond our borders.

We handle our own political battles at home.

We do not air our dirty politics in other lands.

So much for yet another convention.

So much for time-honored tradition.

From the Cornfield, if you did not know it already, as the President campaigns with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, you will know for sure.

This election is all about a third term for Barack Obama.

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