The Race Is On


The showdown is set – Clinton Versus Trump.

Talk about your thriller in Manila.

This fight is going to resonate around the world as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compete to be leader of the free world.

But Gary Johnson is hoping to crash the party and score against the odds.

Bernie Sanders is not yet ready to concede.

Will Republicans rally around Trump?

Will Democrats rally around Clinton?

What will Sanders’ supporters do?

How many conservatives will vote for Johnson or stay home?

Will the youth vote be silent without their favorite uncle?

Recall almost a year ago I penned: Trump Effect Or How to Throw an Election

In March I wrote: Trump Effect Redux

Looking through the corn stalks and the desert sands it was easy to see that what matters most to The Donald is not the country, but The Donald.

Now the question is one I raised a couple of months ago about The Donald in: Persona Versus Person

Trying to show discipline and keep his mouth from getting him in trouble, Trump used a teleprompter in his speech wrapping up the GOP primary season.

Speaking of the primary season, it does not end until next Tuesday for Democrats when they vote in the District of Columbia.

Uncle Bernie came away with two wins last light, but disappointing loss in California. Queen Hillary racked up four wins including the two biggies, California and New Jersey.

Hillary has already made history becoming the first woman to be a major party’s presumptive presidential candidate.

Will she defy history and win a third term in a row for the party holding the White House?

Last time this happened was when George H.W. Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan – one of the few times in our history.

Only two Democrats have ever done that and one was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who ran himself for a third term. The other was Martin Van Buren.

Besides Bush, Republicans have three other consecutive third terms – Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes and Theodore Roosevelt.

The State Department announced it will not release more emails from then Secretary of State Clinton until after the election…but on a date that does not exist – November 31, 2016.

From the Cornfield, I am yet undecided and may be right up until I push the buttons on election day.

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