Ignoring Voters?


We are hearing from both Republican and Democratic candidates that the voice of the people, the voters, is not being heard or ignored.

But is this reality?

This is not the time when what we, the people, want matters.

Now is the time when political parties, the faithful, the insiders and operatives decide who is the person best suited to win an elected office come November. This is not the time when voters actually matter.

Right now the various parties – not just Republicans and Democrats – including Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Reformers, Greens decide who best represents that party’s goals and agenda.

As it has been pointed out, the purpose of the party conventions and selection of candidates is to win. That is the primary goal. If you can’t win an election in November, it is pointless to run.

There are those who are running that claim the system is rigged in favor of the party establishment. To this I say, “Duh!” Of course it is.

This process that is currently playing out is two-fold, to find the person for the office who first and foremost can win that office and secondly best represents that party’s platform and values.

Why is this such a hard concept to grasp?

If you cannot win come November, how can you forward your party’s agenda?

We are not a true democracy. We are a representative democracy where we choose delegates, representatives to make the hard decisions for us even when sometimes those decisions fly in the face of what we want.

What we want and what is best for the greater good is not always the same.

From the Cornfield, is the voice of the people being ignored?


Come November, that is when we, the people speak. Come November that is when we elect our delegates to the Electoral College who will choose the best person to lead the nation for the next four years.

For now it is a party function, not a general election voter decision. It is the respective party’s right to select the person that party wants to place before the voters, before we, the people.

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