Reality TV Election Season 1


The ratings could not be better for Season 1 of Reality TV Election. This new show came out of nowhere to catapult to the most watched television show of the season. Records continue to be broken across all demographic lines.

Yes, I am talking about Presidential Election 2016.

Tune in to any news channel or surf any political or news website. The show is the same. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the stars, with The Donald getting top billing.

The big talk is who is to blame for the rising star power that is on display.

President Barack Obama is even chiming in and putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of Republican lawmakers in Congress. Those lawmakers are blaming the President.

The Establishment in both parties is to blame for not being responsive to the people. The people are angry. The people don’t care any more about being nice and polite. The people want someone to speak for them.

Are we really that surprised?

Some are blaming the media for giving Trump too much free air time because it pads the networks bottom line and boosts the ratings. While true, the blame is not there. The networks are merely reacting and giving the viewing audience what they want.

In other words, the blame rests squarely with the man or woman in the mirror.

Yes, each of us are to blame.

We have been moving to this point for years.

Those Saturday wrestling shows with in-your-face bombastic comments. The trash-talking on the basketball courts. The build-up and rhetoric before the big fight.

Then along came the World Wrestling Federation leading to today’s WWE.

Viewers could not get enough.

Networks tired of flagging ratings and high costs to produce quality sitcoms and dramas looked to on-the-cheap “reality TV“.

Ratings soared.

Survivor – Big Brother – Real Life – those Housewives – on and on. People lapped it all up and the more outrageous the better.

Along came the internet, My Space, Facebook and Twitter. Decorum and privacy went out the window. Then came Instagram and Vine. The YouTube generation was born.

Instant gratification. Seven-second videos. Instant picture uploads.

All gave rise to the viewing and voting public wanting candidates who fit into their 140-character world.

So here we are in 2016, the fourth presidential election of the 21st Century. The hottest show in the world is Reality TV Election.

From the Cornfield, will this show last through until the new season in 2020?

Will the summer stock of the 2018 be able to keep the viewers tuned-in?

Will the two major political parties managed to keep our interest?

Will the producers reach even farther outside to new parties and new players?

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