Haley: Republicans Share the Blame


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, daughter of Indian immigrants, gave the Republican response to the final State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama.

The most important thing she had to say is that Republicans must own their own responsibility and blame for why government is broken – then fix the problem.

Too often the opposition party has refused to accept any responsibility and only place the blame on the party in power.

This is wrong.

Haley has dug at the root of dysfunctional government in the US of A.

She is right.

The Governor also called for a turn down of the volume so both sides, all sides could hear each other and find solutions.

Once more, she is right. Many are talking about Haley as a vice presidential pick.

From what I heard tonight, she should be at the top of the ticket.

From the Cornfield, is either party listening?

Are the candidates listening?

Are the American people listening?

SOTU Address Yawn


President Barack Obama is continuing to deliver his annual and last State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress. I am doing my best to pay attention, to keep from yawning and dozing off to sleep.

Not one single word about the 10 sailors captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Not one single word about releasing $150 billion to the rogue regime as reward for signing a nuclear treaty though still breaking the rules.

The President just concluded his speech saying our union is strong.

CNN is praising the speech.

Did Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper listen to the same speech I did?

There was a good rebuttal of much of what Republican wannabes who want to take over the Oval Office are saying on the campaign trail. Some of which I agreed that the GOP candidates are painting a much direr picture than the reality.

The President did mount a bit of defense for the Affordable Care Act and how it is succeeding which was expected.

Much of what the President said was nothing new, but a reiteration of some of what he would like to get done before he must pack his bags.

Other than giving Vice President Joe Biden a new assignment to find a cure for cancer, there was little if anything to actually inspire.

The applause was much more limited than in times past. There were no prolonged ovations disrupting the flow.

From the Cornfield, good thing expectations were low for viewers this evening. Those that missed the speech, missed nothing.

If the American sailors are not released by morning, how outraged with the American people be?

Policy Fail Again for Obama!


On a night when President Barack Obama planned to make a victory lap, highlighting the wins of his two-term Administration, Iran has cast a dark shadow on the State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress.

The Persian nation, long a pariah in the international community, has seized two small US Navy boats in the Persian Gulf. Ten American sailors, including one woman, have been, according to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard been arrested after one of the boats is alleged to have had engine trouble and ran aground on an Iranian island.

This is also on the eve of the release of $150 billion to the regime for agreeing to an international deal to limit its nuclear ambitions.

Never mind that the President did not press for nor has yet to secure the release of four Americans being held illegally by Iran before reaching any deal with the Iranians or that the nation fired live rockets within 1,500 feet of Navy vessels last month, this gives the President’s foreign policy yet another black eye and proves how ineffective that policy is and has been.

When will this President realize and wake up to the fact you cannot talk your way to peace with radicals and jihadists?

The only bright spot is that this is the last year of this Administration and the last address by this President to Congress. Our long national nightmare may soon be over.

But for now 10 American sailors are being held captive by the most belligerent and bellicose segment of the Iranian military. Iran says it will release the sailors and the boats. The Administration is stressing there were no sinister motives while the Iranian press details the weapons seized and how the Americans were arrested.

Time to stop playing nice.

Time to stop the release of the money.

Time to demand not only the release of our sailors, but also the other four Americans being illegally detained.

From the Cornfield, how many more fails before the President stops his Neville Chamberlain act?

It has never worked and never will. Radicals do not play by the rules and only understand might.