Full Course Meal Served By 2nd Tier

From the Desert with feet planted firmly in the Cornfield
From the Desert with feet planted firmly in the Cornfield

The unlikely-to-win, 2nd tier Republican candidates for President served up a full seven course meal within the first half hour of their debate in Boulder, Colorado.

Will the top tier candidates do the same when they face off later this evening?

Lindsey Graham at the half hour point served up the biggest laugh to that time noting that Hillary Clinton thought she was broke after eight years in the White House. He went on to add that Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union and never came back.

The kicker: “If we can’t win against them, who the hell are we gonna beat?”

Graham also said he was tired of telling voters things the party was going to do which the candidates knew was never going to happen.

Graham seemed to have a problem with time.Then again Graham has never been known to keep quiet.

George Pataki kept trying to get in the discussion and saying that those who have served in Washington – Santorum and Graham – are used to talking over each other and he was not. 

All four of the candidates are in favor of cutting the corporate tax rate from the current 35% as a way of bringing jobs back from overseas.

After 45 minutes, Santorum has stayed on topic – the economy and answered each question succinctly. He has yet to interject his main focus – social issues – unlike Graham who finds a way to insert rebuilding the military at every turn.

Jindall, though having served as a Representative in Congress before becoming Governor in Louisiana, framed each of his answers in terms of his gubernatorial tenure. His boasting of how he cut spending in Louisiana will likely come back to bite him, if by some fluke, he makes it all the way to the party convention next summer.

That record is questionable.

Breaking with most Republicans, both Pataki and Graham acknowledged that carbon emissions, greenhouse gases are a problem. Both believe the issue must be addressed. Both also said they want to find a solution that does not wreck the economy. 

Just before the first hour was completed, Santorum found a way to bring up a stable, straight family was necessary for the economy.

Unlike the next, prime time debate, the 2nd tier only had an hour to debate. Then again there will be 10 debating at 8 p.m. compared to only four in this debate.

All the candidates acquitted themselves well. All the candidates did a fine job of staying on the issues and presenting their responses to the questions asked.

My winner?

Once again Graham came out on top. Yes, I know he has no chance for the win in June.

Coming in second, also tilting at windmills. was Pataki.

Jindal did better than I expected and, in my opinion, bested Santorum.

From the Cornfield, while there was not the reality show moments and there was no slinging mud at each other, the candidates gave informed voters much to dine on and to ponder.

One can only hope the “stars” will provide as much policy information and less bashing each other.

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