Fall Beckons, Time to Prune

From the Desert with feet planted firmly in the Cornfield
From the Desert with feet planted firmly in the Cornfield

This evening at 6 and 8 (Eastern Time) Republican wannabes will face-off in two separate debates to cuss and discuss the issues.

OK, so issues will be a low priority. Trying to see who can one-up the other will be the real focus with Donald Trump the bulls eye. 

Autumn is around the corner. It is time to start pruning and cutting away the dead wood.

Some may disagree, but from what I see looking through the corn stalks and trying not to get pricked by the cacti, at least half or more of the 15 vying for the GOP presidential nomination need to pack it in.

Those candidates with no forward momentum need to be adult enough to realize a continued push is futile.

Here are the ones, who in my opinion, should “suspend” their campaigns, in no particular order:

Jim Gilmore

George Pataki

Lindsey Graham

Rick Santorum

Bobby Jindal

Rand Paul

Scott Walker

Mike Huckabee

Chris Christie

This would leave to continue the battle:

Donald Trump

Dr. Ben Carson

Jeb Bush

Marco Rubio

Carly Fiorina

Ted Cruz

Whether some of these candidates, which I believe should drop out, have the qualifications, the stamina, the wherewithal to be president is not the question. They may have some great ideas.

But when the voters are ignoring you, why climb on a cross and try to be a martyr?

From the Desert with my feet planted firmly in the Cornfield, for the good of the Republican Party, the process and the voters, prune the bush and allow new life to grow.

And what do you think?

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