Trumping Trump

cornfieldlogoIs there any way to halt the juggernaut, Donald Trump, in his quest for the presidency?

Is there a Thing or Incredible Hulk out there who can match The Donald and impede his march on Washington DC?

Can a Man of Steel or a Caped Crusader put a stop to the steamroller rolling across the land?

This time around Mighty Mouse is not on the way. This time Speedy Gonzalez has dashed to the border. This time Yosemite Sam is lost in the redwoods mumbling, “Tarnation!”

The Republican National Committee with backup singers, the rest of the GOP presidential wannabe field, can be heard singing, “Holding out for a hero.”

Is there no one who can trump Trump?

Wait, what’s that I hear?

There is someone who can trump Trump – it is The Donald himself!

What no one else can seem to do, Trump may soon be a victim of his own brashness and blunt talk. Trump is on the verge of implosion.

There is an easy explanation for what seems the popularity of Trump with the core of the GOP base. There is an easy explanation for why independents and others are flocking to The Donald’s events.

Savvy businessman and television entertainer he is, Trump is tapping into the frustration and anger the people out in the heathers are feeling toward politicians and the elected officials in Washington. Trump knows full well the more lambastic he is and more often he shoots from the hip, the people eat it up.

But therein lies the problem.

Trump knows the buzz words. Trump knows how to read the crowd. Trump knows how to get attention.

Where Trump will trump himself and implode will be on policy specifics.

When he has to actually start answering the questions he now avoids or which he deflects to sound byte mode, then is when, as the saying goes, the rubber will meet the road.

Trump has to lay out a plan – a plan to fix what he is complaining about.

Trump is going to have to lay out specifics on how he will deal with the 11 to 12 million people who are in the US of A illegally, whom most have been here for 10 years or more.

Trump is going to have to spell out what he will do with Iran, the Islamic State, Al Qaeda – and just saying, “Bombs away!” – is not a strategy nor an answer.

Trump is going to have to, in graphic format, explain how he will get the national deficit under control and a budget which will ensure the viability of safety nets, the highways, other infrastructure and the defense of the nation.

Words, accusations without foundation, throwing jabs – first right then left – may draw crowds and keep Trump’s name in the press, but when it comes down to the voting booth, there must be policies and plans which Americans may read and understand – and hear enunciated from the candidate’s mouth.

From the Cornfield, who can trump Trump?


The implosion may very well be seen on television nationwide come August 6 – IF the other GOP candidates pin Trump on issues and demand him answer.

Then again, The Donald will survive and look stronger, IF the wannabes do nothing, but attack him, rather than debating the issues.

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