Presidential Preference Poll Results

cornfieldlogoThis past week I conducted an unscientific survey of readers preference for president in 2016 if the election were held today. I also asked readers which party’s nominee they would cast a ballot for next year.

The results are in!

The participants were overwhelmingly Republican supporters. There were votes cast for both the Democratic and Libertarian Parties in addition to the GOP. There were no votes for the Constitution, Green or Reform Parties.

Party Preference:

Democratic Party 7.14%

Other 21.43%

Republican Party 71.43%

Democratic Party Preference:

Hillary Clinton 50%

Other 50%

When adding in those who did not answer, both Clinton and Other received 7.14% which extrapolated is 50% each.

None of the other candidates received a vote.

Libertarian Party Preference:

Marc Feldman 33.33%

Other 66.67%

When adding in those who did not answer, Feldman received 7.14% and Other 14.29%, which extrapolated is 33.33% for Feldman and 66.67% for other.

None of the other candidates received a vote.

Republican Party Preference:

Donald Trump 21.43%

Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, John Kasich, Other and No Answer all had 14.29%

Scott Walker 7.14%

None of the other candidates received a vote.

From the Cornfield, so there you have the first Cornfield to Desert Poll for the 2016 presidential race.

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