Before & After the Fireworks

Dateline The Desert: People began arriving Thursday for the 25th Annual Rockets Over the River, the spectacular fireworks display put on by the resorts and casinos up and down Casino Drive  in Laughlin, Nevada.

As you can see from the photos the parking lot were I was at, The Riverside Resort and Casino, was full long before the sun went down. Following the “bombs bursting in air”, people were not in that big of a rush to leave.

Traffic was like a zoo as I headed back to Canyon Terrace where the Desert Mark’s Den is located. As I neared Needles Highway traveling up Bruce Woodbury Drive, about a quarter of a mile from the intersection, there had been an accident. An ambulance was loading at least one person.

What a way to end the day’s festivities.

From the Cornfield, let freedom forever ring.


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