Political Circus: October 17 – 23


Between now and election day, November 8, a look back at the political circus during the prior week.

Monday, 10/17/2016:

No let up in the charge that the presidential election is being rigged to keep Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from winning, according to the man himself.

But even his running mate, Mike Pence, is pushing back.

There is no proof of electoral rigging.

I do agree that some in the media – not all – are letting their bias show.

There are those reporters holding to journalistic ethics.

The national press corps is coming under fire for what Trump claims is overt bias by reporters against him.

In the latest CNN Poll of Polls, which averaged four major polls, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a an eight point lead over Trump, 47% to 39%.

In new battleground state polls from Nevada, Ohio and North Carolina – a dead heat in Nevada and North Carolina with Clinton having a one-point advantage. In Ohio, Trump is up four over Clinton.

This is all a week after the election was declared over following the release of a video and audio of lewd and lascivious talk by Trump.

In a first, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine delivered an entire campaign speech in Spanish over the weekend.

Speaking to a Spanish congregation Sunday, Kaine said, while encouraging the people in the pews to vote, “When I lived in Honduras it was during a military government — a dictatorship — and no one could vote during that time. I’m thankful that this church is working to get people registered.”

The staff of the Arizona Republic continue to receive death threats after the paper’s endorsement of Clinton over Trump.

This ought not to be.

Quid pro quo – Not so, says the State Department and FBI about a back-and-forth revealed in a Freedom of Information request.

In that exchange between then Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy and the FBI, there appears to be a request for changing the classification of emails on the Clinton email server from Top Secret and downgraded. The FBI asked for more posts for agents around the world.

You decide.

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted, who oversees elections, calls Trump’s claims of the election system being rigged as “irresponsible.” Citing appointments to the Supreme Court by the next President, Husted will, however, vote for Trump on November 8.

Will there be a Trump TV after the election?

Trump son-in-law, husband of Ivanka, Jared Kushner, has reportedly approached LionTree Advisors about doing just that, according to The Financial Times.

By the way noticed this from The Washington Post:

According to the Republican nominee for president, his opponents were “on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history.” In an ad, his campaign warned of “nationwide voter fraud” that could swing the election. His running mate worried, in a fundraising letter, that “leftist groups” were trying to “steal the election.”

The candidate was not Donald Trump. It was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who in the final weeks of the 2008 presidential election embraced the theory that ACORN, a community organizing group previously embraced by Democrats and Republicans, was helping to rig the election for Barack Obama by filing fake voter registration forms.


Clinton is desperately courting the Millennial vote to make sure she wins the White House.

Problem is the young folk most likely will sit out the race since Uncle Bernie is not available.

That’s too bad considering that a new poll reveals Millennials prefer Clinton 3 to 1 over Trump.

The third and final Presidential Debate is Wednesday at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not happy with the choices for President?

Maybe this is a solution: Voters Only Hope

Tuesday 10/18/2016:

Melania, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, sat down with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper to defend her husband.

Though condemning Trump’s comments on the video, Melania brushed off the conversation as “boy talk.”

The maybe First Lady said that her husband was “egged on” to make his lewd and lascivious comments about women and sexual assault by former NBC personality Billy Bush, an Access Hollywood host at the time, in that 2005 video.

No, Melania, Bush is not to blame – the buck stops with The Donald.

Mrs. Trump was doing her Tammy Wynette or was it a Hillary Clinton version of “Stand By Your Man” in sitting down with Cooper.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to stay out-of-sight, off the campaign trail, except to do fundraisers and meet with celebrities.

Of course, this means no pesky questions being posed to Clinton about the eyebrow raising information coming out of the hacked emails of her campaign chairman John Podesta and Freedom of Information access to documents less than favorable to her.

Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz is calling for a congressional investigation into the “quid pro quo” revelation from a Freedom of Information request which found the FBI and State Department apparently bargaining over reclassifying a document on Clinton’s private email server in exchange for more FBI posts around the world.

Neither request ended up being honored by State nor the FBI.

The Scholastic Children’s Book poll has correctly selected the winner of the presidential race since 1964. This time around, the students said that Clinton will be President.

Arizona Senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee John McCain is locked in a real race this time around.

Yesterday McCain said that if Clinton becomes President he will block any of her nominees to the Supreme Court.

What do Chelsea Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama along with $2 million have in common?

All are spending time in reliably red state Arizona trying to turn it to Hillary blue.

Drain the Washington swamp” is how Trump is labeling his call for term limits on members of Congress.

Trump also said he will ban Executive Branch officials from lobbying for five years after leaving the White House if he is elected.

Out of one billion votes between 2000 and 2014, only 31 cases of voter fraud were uncovered.

Think about it.

Of course even one case is unacceptable.


USA Today is reporting that at least 12 companies used Clinton fundraisers as opportunities to lobby the State Department (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/10/17/hillary-clinton-foundation-donors-lobbyists-state-department/92285652/)

For what it is worth, an interesting read about journalists and campaign contributions: https://www.publicintegrity.org/2016/10/17/20330/journalists-shower-hillary-clinton-campaign-cash

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence today visited the burned-out facility that was a North Carolina GOP office, but firebombed on Sunday. Pence called the incident “political terrorism.”

Stinky situation – a Democratic National Committee campaign bus was caught dumping human waste on the side of the road in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

The DNC has apologized.

From the Rose Garden, standing next to the Italian Prime Minister, President Barack Obama told Trump to “stop whining.”

I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes,” the Prez said.

How unhappy are voters with the choices for President?

Apparently, young Americans are beyond dispirited.

An opinion poll found nearly one in four said they would rather have a giant meteor destroy the Earth than see Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House.

University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Center for Public Opinion conducted the poll alongside Odyssey Millennials.

This is not good news for Trump and team:


The third and final Presidential Debate is tomorrow evening at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kickoff is 9 p.m. once more.

Wednesday 10/19/2016:

Ready to rumble!

No holds barred!

No subject off limits!

The final Presidential Debate gets underway at 9 p.m. (ET) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

In a first, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will moderate.

Topics are supposed to include immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots, “fitness” to be president, and the national debt.

Get the tarps and ponchos ready for all the blood splatter.

In the right corner is newcomer Republican Donald Trump.

In the left corner is veteran Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Where is your money placed?


Was Trump right that Democratic activists came to his campaign events to purposely incite violence?

That seems to be the case after an edited video came out from a disgraced GOP videographer.

Clinton’s team denies the allegation.

The Democratic National Committee denies supporting the activity of the Democratic operative involved in the video, but still fired him.

The conversations in the video are being excused as “bar talk” by some.

In most polls, Clinton has a double-digit lead. A poll released today puts Clinton at nine points ahead of Trump.

Can Trump score a knockout tonight and recover?

Remember last debate when the families of the candidates shook hands even though the two on the stage did not?

Tonight that won’t happen. The Clinton campaign does not want an awkward moment.

Whether Clinton and Trump will shake hands before coming out fighting is not known.

Ecuador (the Latin American country has endorsed Clinton by the way) gave this explanation for cutting off internet access to Julian Assange, slowing down the hacked emails being poured out from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on Wikileaks:

The government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the affairs of other countries.”

Will Russia get the message?

Guests at tonight’s debate:

Malik Obama for Trump (yes, half-brother of the President) as well as Pat Smith, the mother of one of those brave Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya.

Mark Cuban (again!) and Republican billionaire HP CEO Meg Whitman for Clinton.

More than 2.1 million votes have been cast in early voting. Of that number, 1.6 million are votes in battleground states.

In an interview with CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer today, Podesta refused to deny the accuracy of the leaked emails from his account.

What’s the old saying?

Silence is consent.

Trump’s proposal for a constitutional amendment to limit terms for Congress would be six years for Representatives and 12 years for Senators. That is three terms for the House and two for the upper chamber.

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein tweeted, “Independents now outnumber Democrats & Republicans – yet there hasn’t been an independent in the #debates in 24 years. #OpenDebates.”

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said he was not smoking wacky tobacky at the time of his “Aleppo moment.”

Don’t expect Wallace to fact-check the debaters in real time. Wallace says that is not his job.

If people say, ‘it was a great debate and I don’t remember you being there,’ I will have done my job,” Wallace told Fox News.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio cautioned Republicans to be careful using the hacked emails because “tomorrow it could be us.”

Election stress disorder is on the rise as crisis centers field a growing number of calls.

Thursday 10/20/2016:

Last night’s big event from my perspective: Final Debate Another Draw.

Finally there was some actual discussion of the issues that matter this election cycle during last night final Presidential Debate.

There were clear differences of policy revealed in classic Republican/Democrat ideological divide.

Then personalities got in the way.

You’re a puppet.”

No, you’re the puppet.”

Am not.”

Am too.”

Give me a break!

Today instead of discussing differences on abortion, gun control, taxes, job creation, foreign entanglements, appointments to the Supreme Court, the talk is all about not pledging to accept the election results, “bad hombres” and “nasty woman.”

Those hoping for civility were disappointed when before and after the debate the wannabes did not shake hands.

By the way, big kudos to Chris Wallace, who was the moderator last night. Wallace showed what a consummate professional is like and one others should emulate.

Today, Trump opened a campaign rally in Ohio by pledging he would indeed accept the results of the election – “if I win.”

Over 70 million people tuned in to the final debate.

How different are Clinton and Trump supporters?


Check this out from Pew Research: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/10/20/6-charts-that-show-where-clinton-and-trump-supporters-differ/

Both Clinton and Trump are headed to the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner tonight.

Traditionally candidates poke fun at each other, but with the rancor this season, not  so sure it will be all fun.

Oh, no he didn’t!

Yes, he did.

Donald Trump Jr. said that if his Dad wins the presidency it would be a step down from where he is in the business world.

Down ballot Republicans are seething over Trump’s refusal to stand up and promise to accept the results of the election. Incumbents and hopefuls are worried Trump may cost them votes come November 8.

Even loony Maine Governor Paul LePage thinks Trump needs to make the pledge on the election results.

LePage said in words to the effect that The Donald needs to get over himself.

Did Clinton violate national security by saying that launch officers, in charge of the US nuclear arsenal, have only four minutes to react to an order from the President to push the button?

The military is not happy. No clear answer has been provided yet.

Friday 10/21/2016:

Some chuckled.

Some groaned.

Some booed.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary got the chance to face-off against other one night after their last debate at the Alfred E. Smith dinner last night to raise money for Catholic Charities work with disadvantaged youth in New York.

Traditionally the night is filled with self-deprecating jokes and roasting each other.

There was more roast, some would say burn, than introspection last night.

The candidates did, however, shake hands.

The two were also amiable with one another in a private chat shared with the public by their host, the New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

After the little prayer, Mr. Trump turned to Secretary Clinton and said, ‘You are one tough and talented woman,'” Dolan said. “He said, ‘This has been a good experience, this whole campaign, as tough as it’s been.'”

Clinton then returned the compliment.

She said to him, ‘Donald, whatever happens, we need to work together afterward,'” Dolan said.

The White House released a statement yesterday on the peaceful transfer of power to the new President, whomever is elected on November 8:


Trump’s political director is stepping back for “personal reasons” with only days left in the campaign.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is getting blow back from Republican lawmakers. A movement is generating to oust Ryan during the lame duck session.

Three states (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana) turned down requests from Russia to monitor the upcoming election.

The US State Department already told the Russians, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Trump is pouring another $100 million into his flailing campaign.

An Associated Press survey of early voting found the Democrats doing well in Florida and North Carolina, but Republicans holding their own in Iowa and Ohio.

We have a surprise in store for @TimKaine and @DonnaBrazile,” Wikileaks tweeted.

What could it be????

Kaine, of course, is the Democratic vice presidential candidate while Brazile is the interim Democratic National Committee chair.

The nation’s “toughest” sheriff, Joe Arpaio, may be out of a job after 38 years. He is behind in the polls running up to the election by almost 15 points.

Looks like New Hampshire may send a Democrat to the Senate replacing the current Republican. Kelly Ayotte is in big trouble as Governor Maggie Hassan has an eight-point advantage.

Same thing here in the Cornfield with Evan Bayh besting Tea Party conservative Todd Young in the polls.

Still smarting from the 2000 election, which many Democrats think was stolen by Ralph Nader’s third party bid, there is a concern about voters going for other presidential wannabes – Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party Dr. Jill Stein.

A deep-pocketed environmental group aligned with Hillary Clinton will blanket 1.1 million households in battleground states with mailers warning millennials that a vote for a third-party candidate only helps Donald Trump, the group told NBC News.

Sunday, 10/23/2016:

Is it over?

Recent polls seem to indicate that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is running 6.2 points ahead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

But one poll, which has the best percentage of predicting the presidency in the last few elections cycles (2004, 2008,2012) with more accurate numbers, the IBD poll (Investors Business Daily) has Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump besting Clinton by two points.

Imagine that.

Will the polls be off as much as they were with the Brexit vote earlier this year when the pollsters said Brexit would go down to defeat then defied the predictions and won?

Trump gave a solid speech outlining what he plans to accomplish within his first 100 days in office if he wins the presidency.

But all the press corps is talking about today is the first five to 10 minutes of the speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania out of 42 minutes when Trump denied allegations of unwanted sexual advances and threatening to sue his accusers.

Getting his first major newspaper endorsement, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which was bought last year by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, put its money on a Trump win.

A “Pantsuits for Hillary” flash mob broke out in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Wikileaks threat of a surprise for Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, Kaine said, “I would say it would not be my norm. I do have a temper so, I mean, I imagine I’ve got an email or two out there that people might find unusual.”

Thinking she was at a Trump rally, a drunk, 32-year-old woman in Amherst, Wisconsin, smeared 30 cars with peanut butter. It was a meeting of conservationists. She now faces disorderly conduct charges.

After several days absent, Clinton is back on the campaign trail. Today she was in North Carolina urging black voters to vote early.

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway admitted today the Trump Train is behind schedule and may not arrive at the depot on time on NBC‘s Meet the Press.

Let me tell you something: You go out on the road with Donald Trump, this election doesn’t feel over,” Conway said on CNN‘s State of the Union.

What he’s saying is he wants to reserve all options and if there is grounds for a recount I will exercise my options,” Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus said on CBSFace the Nation about Trump’s talk of a “rigged” election process.

…If it’s a close election — look, if you lose by 200 votes in Florida are you going to concede on election night if you’re at 260 electoral votes?” Priebus asked.

Speaking of not accepting results, here are the three times in US history a candidate did not accept the results of an election immediately:

a. George W. Bush vs. Al Gore (2000)
b. Samuel J. Tilden vs. Rutherford B. Hayes (1876)
c. John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon (R) (1960)

After the Supreme Court ruling, Gore conceded to Bush. Following a deal behind closed doors, Hayes emerged the winner. Nixon, smarting, finally gave in for “the good of the country.”

Not happy with the choices for President?

Maybe this is a solution: Voters Only Hope

The weekly: Cornfield Standings

Tune in next week for another Political Circus.

Cornfield Standings: 16 Days Out


As of today there are 16 days until the November 8th General Election. This election may be one of the most crucial in decades.

Not only do we have a host of local and state elections occurring, but the both the US House of Representatives and US Senate face either retaining Republican control or either or both turning over to the Democrats.

Then there is the change in guard in the nation’s two highest offices – the President and the Vice President. Who wins the election for the Oval Office will also impact the direction of the US Supreme court for generations.

Each Saturday between now and Election Day, I will show where the top state and national candidates rate as far as getting my vote.

From the President to Governor to Senator and Representative, you can see how I am leaning from week to week.


  • Libertarian Gary Johnson – 0 Ear of Corn
  • Republican Donald Trump – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Hillary Clinton – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Green Party Jill Stein – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Independent Evan McMullin – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Write-in Myself – 4 Ears of Corn (Voters Only Hope)

US Senator:

  • Democrat Evan Bayh – 4 Ears of Corn (Why Bayh)
  • Republican Todd Young – 0 Ears of Corn

8th District Congressional Representative:

  • Republican Dr. Larry Buschon – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Ron Drake – 0 Ears of Corn

Indiana Governor:

  • Democrat John Gregg – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Republican Eric Holcomb – 0 Ears of Corn

This does not mean between now and November my mind can’t be changed. This is just how I am leaning at this point in time.

From the Cornfield, that’s how I view the races.

How are you leaning in your state and national elections?

Final Debate Another Draw


As I sit here this rainy morning in the Cornfield parsing through the stalks, the shucks and husks on harvested fields, I reflect on last night’s third and final Presidential Debate.

Did either Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton add to their total of votes to be cast for them to be President of the United States?

I do not believe so.

Did either solidify their base?

Yes, both did.

Were the 8-10% of undecided voters swayed one way or the other?

Not really.

To me that looks like for the third time in a row, the debate outcome was a draw.

Yes, I know the pundits and the CNN/ORC poll (which is skewed Democratic) gave the win to Clinton. Based on performance, I can see this. But I look at whether minds were changed – not how the candidate met the norms of debate.

I also realize that focus groups of undecided voters seemed to buck the pundits and favor Trump. In the CNN group, 10 undecided said they were more likely to vote for Trump versus half that number, five, who said Clinton was more to their liking.

But the proof as they say is in the pudding. That taste will not come until November 8.

The change in the polls since the last debate has not been because of how Clinton or Trump did in facing off, but rather events that have occurred in between debates – the emails being published by Wikileaks, the Access Hollywood video, the women accusers.

Then there is what is making headlines this morning.

It is not that the candidates actually were substantive for a change talking the issues. Rather the conversation is that Trump did not say he will accept the result of the election.

Social media is going off over Trump calling Clinton a “nasty woman.” Social media is also ablaze and incensed over the term, “bad hombres.”

From the Cornfield, Americans last chance to see the two major presidential wannabes go head-to-head, toe-to-toe and neither side won the voters that matter – undecideds.

Political Circus: October 10 – 16


Between now and election day, November 8, a look back at the political circus during the prior week.

Monday, 10/10/2016:

The second of three Presidential Debates took place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri last night.


Both Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did what they needed to do to keep the state of the race where it is, but not much more.

My take: Second Debate Another Draw

A CNN/ORC poll, skewed toward Democrats, of debate watchers gave the night to Clinton 57% to Trump 34%.

I think the market declared it a draw and has no more clue after debate then before, at least not in watching the S&P futures,” said JJ Kinahan, chief strategist at TD Ameritrade.

The defections have stopped for the moment by Republican elected officials following Trump’s performance in the debate.

A conference call of Republican lawmakers this morning kept the party faithful in line, but also provided cover to do what is necessary to keep their majority in the US House of Representatives.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, however, told lawmakers he would no longer defend Trump. Ryan also will not campaign with Trump.

The Republican National Committee are scheduled to talk at 5 p.m. today.

Will the party stop spending resources to get Trump elected President?

Prior to last night’s debate, Trump held a press conference seated with four women from the past – Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Kathy Shelton, all but Shelton have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault. The fourth was a 12-year-old rape victim at the time (1970s), whom Clinton was defense attorney for her attacker.

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence became enmeshed in a Wow! moment last night when Trump said he and Pence had not talked about Syria. Trump went on to say he did not agree with Pence on his position and comments on coming to the aid of the Syrian people in Aleppo, Syria.

In what came across as a joke to me, others found sinister when Trump said that Clinton would be in jail if he were President.

Trump prefaced this by announcing that if elected he would “instruct” his Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton and her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

As a point-of-fact, a President can suggest to an AG a special prosecutor, but cannot order or instruct it be done.

Clinton had heads spinning over her explanation of why she said to an audience of bankers that there is a public position and a private position, which was revealed by hacked emails from her campaign manager John Podesta.

Clinton said she had just watched the movie “Lincoln” and how the 16th President had to cajole members of Congress to pass the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.


Does that clear it up for you on being duplicitous?

Prior to last night’s debate, an ABC poll said 43% of Americans think Trump should drop out of the race for the White House.

Trump owned up to using the nearly $1 billion loss he claimed on his taxes in 1995 as a deduction to not pay personal federal income taxes for a number of years.

Clinton keeps saying she would target the head of the Islamic State if she is elected.

Does this mean that President Barack Obama is not going after the would-be caliph?

Russia and Syria should be investigated for war crimes, Clinton said last night.

Trump said that Aleppo has already fallen. The GOP wannabe also wrongly stated that the Syrian regime and Russia are going after the Islamic State.

In response to a voter question, Clinton and Trump actually addressed the issue of the Supreme Court last night.

Clinton wants a Justice who will overturn Citizen United, strengthen voting rights and uphold Roe V Wade and marriage equality.

Trump wants a Justice cut from the same cloth of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. He pointed to the list of 20 possible jurists he has put out already.

Pence told CNN today that he is sticking with Trump contrary to the rumors that he is ready to abandon ship. The Indianapolis Star, the Governor’s home newspaper, reports Pence is keeping his options open privately.

A poll from NBC News/Wall Street conducted Saturday and Sunday before the debate has Clinton with double-digit lead 46% to 35% for Trump.

The number of viewers dropped about 10 million from the first debate, but then NBC did not preempt Sunday Night Football for last night’s debate.

For those wondering about talking time, according to CNN, Trump spoke 40 minutes and 10 seconds. Clinton spoke 39 minutes and 5 seconds.

In other words virtually tied.

Following last night’s debate many may see the election as I do:

Voters Face Dilemma

The third and final Presidential Debate is nine days away on October 19 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tuesday 10/11/2016:

The Wrath of Khan,” no not the Star Trek movie, but the father of an American war hero who was slain on the battlefield.

Khazir Khan is back criticizing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for saying during Sunday night’s debate that if he had been President at the time, Khan’s son would not have been killed in battle.

Fighting back, fellow billionaire Warren Buffet is recoiling against Trump’s charge during the debate that he paid no income taxes. Buffet, unlike Trump, released his tax returns.

Buffett said he had paid federal taxes every year since 1944, and that in 2015 he paid $1,845,577 in federal income tax on $11,563,931 in adjusted gross income, donating more than $2.8 billion to charity without taking deductions.

House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan told members of his caucus to do what they have to do to be re-elected and keep control of the House of Representatives – even if it meant cutting ties with Trump.

The GOP defections have slowed, but continue.

Trump has declared war on Ryan. Yet Ryan has not withdrawn his endorsement of Trump.

Ryan is being pragmatic and doing what he can as Speaker to ensure the Republicans keep control of the House.

I wrote about all of this back in February: An American Revolution

With Trump continuing to sink in the polls, recall I wrote this in July of 2015: Trump Effect – Or How to Throw an Election

Trump tweeted today that the “shackles” are off so he can run his campaign the way he wants.

It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” Trump said.

I’m going to make three, four, five stops a day,” Trump said. “I may be limping across that finish line, but we’re going to get across that finish line.”

Does this make sense?

Trump fired his Virginia campaign manager for staging a protest in Washington DC outside the Republican National Committee office on Monday while Chairman Reince Priebus was on a conference calls with committee members to reaffirm support for Trump.

That fired Trump supporter is still a strong advocate for Trump as he told CNN today.

While Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has to contend with more hacked emails being leaked.

The third batch of emails was released by Wikileaks of emails hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

The Clinton campaign has been in contact with the US Justice Department about the emails and how to handle the growing scandal.

Florida voters were given one extra day to register – tomorrow – over the protest of Governor Rick Scott by a federal judge. The plaintiffs wanted an extra week.

Will early voting hand Clinton the election before November 8?

It could happen.

In response to his running mate’s lewd comments released over the weekend, GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said, “The other part of my faith is I believe in grace. I’ve received it. I believe in it. I believe in forgiveness, and we are called to forgive as we have been forgiven.”

The numbers are in: 66.5 million tuned into the debate on Sunday night.

That is a drop of about 18 million views from those who watched the first debate. Then again NBC did not air the debate, but stuck with Sunday Night Football.

About that “locker room talk“: Voters Face Dilemma

My take: Second Debate Another Draw.

Wednesday 10/12/2016:

Your vote really, really, really matters.”

That was former Vice President and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore to voters in Florida on Tuesday as he attempted to rouse Millennials to turn out and vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Gore was brought in to focus on climate change, which surveys reveal is a major concern of Millennials.

In spite of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s statements from the past biting him in the back side, the election is not a given for Clinton.

It all depends on turnout of the vote.

Trump is continuing his war with the Republican Party – especially the elected leadership of the party.

Clinton is deflecting and ignoring hacked emails insinuating collusion with the US Department of Justice and favorable treatment and access by the US State Department while she was Secretary of State for “Friends of Bill“, donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Accusations swirl that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and coordinating attacks on Clinton.

Trump campaign manager KellyAnne Conway told Republican lawmakers today on supporting or not supporting Trump, “enough pussyfooting around.”

Most believe the wording was intentional.

Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott 0 – Clinton Campaign & Democrats 2.

As I noted yesterday, Democrats wanted an extra week to register voters in Florida due to Hurricane Matthew, but only received one day. Today, however, the same judge who granted the extension ordered another extension to make it a full week over the protest of Scott.

Trump picked up two point after Sunday night’s debate.

Clinton is no longer 11 points ahead, but only nine, 46% to 37%, per NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Leaked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reveal that Clinton picked Tim Kaine to be her running mate back in July, 2015.

After a woman at a rally in Newton, Iowa said if Clinton wins, she is ready for an actual revolution, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence responded, “Don’t say that.”

A poll of Utah voters reveal that #NeverTrump independent candidate Evan McMullin pulling 22% of the voter versus Clinton and Trump each with 26%.

Now some 33 states have asked assistance from the FBI over concerns their election systems may be hacked.

Today it was revealed an election vendor in Florida was hacked.

Trump stands by his call for a return of the death penalty in New York and his position against the now exonerated Central Park 5, who were accused erroneously of rape.

Podesta claims the Trump campaign was given a heads up about the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic targets of Russian hackers.

Twenty-six percent of Republican governors and members of Congress are refusing to endorse Trump, according to a survey by USA Today.

According to NBC News, some half a million votes have already been cast in the presidential race.


Did interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile leak a question to the Clinton campaign prior to a town hall back in March before Clinton squared off against Bernie Sanders?

Emails reveal a slur against Catholics by a top Clinton aide.

A Catholic group demands resignation.

From an email exchange from 2011:

Friggin’ Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus,” John Halpin at the progressive think tank Center for American Progress wrote. “Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups. It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.”

I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion,” Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri responded. “Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”


Make sure you get out and vote,” Trump told supporters on Tuesday at rally in Florida. “November 28th.”

Uh, Donald, the election is on November 8th, not 28th.

Thursday 10/13/2016:

More than words?

Several women are accusing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of unwanted advances, which went beyond “locker room talk.”

Trump is also coming under fire for saying during a Florida rally, that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “has to go to jail.”

The election is boiling down to a gender war.

Trump may not be getting the feminist or metrosexual, urbane male vote, but he may have a lock on the bubba, jock vote and conservative women who cannot stomach Clinton.

He said he never touched them. Several shes said yes, he did.

The GOP presidential wannabe denies all charges.

The women who are talking say the only reason they are doing so is because Trump denied ever acting upon his words.

Clinton and her campaign continue to deflect that the hacked emails coming out almost daily on Wikileaks were stolen. People should ignore the content and focus on the fact the emails were purloined and result of a crime being made public.

Last night several CNN reporters and anchors stopped saying, “hacked” about the emails, and began referring to them as “stolen,” feeding into the Clinton story line.

First Lady Michelle Obama at a rally for Clinton in New Hampshire today said that Trump was guilty of violating basic human decency with his rhetoric and actions about women.

She went on to accuse Trump of being a bad role model for boys about what it is to be a man.

Strong men do not need to put down women to be powerful,” the FLOTUS said.

The First Lady went on to note that women have “all the power we need” to win the election. She stressed this was an election of women versus men, of men who cherish women.

Trump supporters are starting to make the case to vote for the reality television star to ensure the Supreme Court does not turn decidedly left.

At a rally in Florida, Trump focused on the hacked emails and the content showing an apparent link to special interest influence on the Clinton campaign and links with the media.

Trump said this election would be last chance to save the nation.

Also being lashed out at was what Trump is now calling the “corporate media.”

Uncle Bernie Sanders is giving Clinton a pass on the hacked emails saying, “The job of the progressive movement is to look forward not backward. No matter what Secretary Clinton may have said years ago behind closed doors…

But was that not a big part of Sanders campaign against Clinton during the primaries?

Politico reports the exact same wording in a question from TV One host to Clinton during a debate with Sanders in March as the same as in an email from interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile.

Why in the world is the Trump campaign pulling out of Virginia?

The hacked emails reveal a plan by the Clinton campaign to go after “needy Latinos.”

Needy Latinos,” Clinton campaign chariman John Podesta urged Clinton in a 2015 email to call former Energy Secretary Fedrico Pena, who is “close to committing but carrying some baggage,” and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, “notwithstanding the fact that he can be a dick.”

In an interview with a Serbian magazine, Trump issued an apology to the Balkan nation for the bombing of the country during the Administration of President Bill Clinton.

The bombing of Serbs, who were our allies in both world wars, was a big mistake,” Trump told the Serbian weekly magazine Nedeljnik for an article published on its website Thursday. “Serbians are very good people. Unfortunately, the Clinton administration caused them a lot of harm, but also throughout the Balkans, which they made a mess out of.

Not happy with the choices for President?

Maybe this is a solution: Voters Only Hope

Friday 10/14/2016:

Men give it up.

As First Lady Michelle Obama said on Thursday, women have the votes.

Women have the power.

When it comes to Red State‘s Eric Erickson and his ilk, time to go back to the caves for suggesting repeal of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

That is one genie that will not be going back in the bottle.

Get over it.

This does not mean the election is over – but if this continues as a battle between men and women – men lose.

From the woodwork – seems now one woman after another is suddenly revealing allegations of unwanted sexual attention from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The question now becomes if Republicans can keep majority control in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The House will probably remain GOP, but the Senate is a real toss-up.

Trump is losing over his personal foibles.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is winning as the public and media give only passing reference to her publicly known policy positions which are contrary to what she tells voters – open borders, open trade, one big hemispheric trade zone.

In a speech to supporters in North Carolina today, Trump provided wiggle room to those accusing him of sexual assault by saying the stories were “in almost all cases, nonsense.”

How none of this came out during the primary season is almost beyond belief.

How none of this never came out in the tabloids over the years is also bending credulity.

Do not misconstrue what I am writing. I am not defending Trump, nor am I a supporter of his nor of Clinton.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is sticking to his position of campaigning to maintain control of the House and presenting the GOP plan for the nation. Ryan is not mentioning nor defending Trump.

Trump was not mention nor did the subject of the scandals surrounding him come up during a question and answer between Ryan and college Republican students today in Madison, Wisconsin.

Billy Bush, at the center of the controversial remarks released over last weekend by Trump, is not going quietly nor gently into the dark night as NBC attempts to get rid of him.

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign has dropped Trump’s name from fundraising emails.

Clinton in a written deposition, as part of lawsuit by JudicialWatch over the use of a private email server while Secretary of State, denies knowing if she was ever told that use was a violation of or conflicted with federal record-keeping laws.

Vice President Joe Biden said that former President Bill Clinton’s sexual hijinx “shouldn’t matter” during the current election cycle.

Clinton is claiming Trump “stalked” her during last Sunday night’s debate in an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

One Georgia county has had voter registration extended due to Hurricane Matthew while Democrats in North Carolina go to court to extend registration in their state.

Hacked emails reveal the Clinton campaign prepared for questions about the dalliances of former Prez Bill.

Other emails reveal that the Clinton campaign in 2008 did in fact consider polling voters about rumors involving then-Sen. Barack Obama’s cocaine use and about his late father’s Muslim faith.

What did the Clinton 2008 campaign consider?

* 1 Obama was the only candidate at a recent event not to cover his heart during the national anthem and he has stopped wearing an American flag pin.
* 2 Obama benefited from a land deal from a contributor who has been indicted for corruption.
* 3 Obama would personally negotiate with the leaders of terrorist nations like Iran and North Korea without preconditions.
* 4 Obama voted against allowing people to use handguns to defend themselves against intruders.
* 5 Obama plans to raise taxes by 180 (one hundred and eighty) billion dollars a year to pay for his government-run health care plan
* 6 Obama voted repeatedly against emergency funding bills for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
* 7 Obama’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country.
* 8 Obama is ranked as one of the ten most liberal members of the Senate because of his support of issues like gay adoption.
* 13 Obama voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive the procedure.
* 14 Obama supports giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.
* 15 Obama described his former use of cocaine as using “a little blow.”

(Reference: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/10/14/leaked-emails-clinton-allies-pondered-polling-in-2008-on-rumors-about-obamas-cocaine-use-his-fathers-muslim-faith/)

Sunday, 10/16/2016:

Rigged, I tell ya. It’s rigged!

That’s the line of defense coming out of the mouth of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as woman after woman is suddenly recalling acts of sexual misconduct.

No, I agree with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the election is not rigged.
Is the timing questionable?


Then there are those hacked emails, which the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will neither confirm or deny authenticity.

Nothing to see hear. Move along. These were stolen – so ignore the content.

The latest ABC/Washington Post poll shows a statistical tie between Clinton and Trump.

What is going on here?

Last weekend everyone said Trump was toast.
The 47%-43% race is at the same numbers as prior to the party conventions in July.

That poll has noted that 2/3 of voters were not swayed by the obscene locker room talk video released a week ago of Trump.

The latest Electoral College poll has Clinton in a blowout 118 votes over Trump.

Hacked emails reveal that Clinton believes that environmentalists should “get a life.”

The Clinton campaign is pushing back on the emails being released by saying: “What did Trump know, and when did he know it?” asks a Clinton campaign essay that argues both circumstances should be seen as “effort[s] to steal private campaign documents in order to influence an election.”

Looking ahead to Wednesday’s third and final Presidential Debate, Trump told supporters yesterday: Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right? I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate,” he said to cheers at a campaign rally. “Why don’t we do that? We should take a drug test, prior — because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down.’

At a fundraiser, Clinton talked about how “painful” the election was and went on to say: I take absolutely no satisfaction in what is happening on the other side with my opponent. I am not at all happy about that, because it hurts my country. It hurts our democracy. It sends terrible messages to so many people here at home and around the world.”

The leaks also uncovered $1 million offered to the Clinton Foundation by Qatar for five minutes of time with former President Bill Clinton.
Pay to play?

Scuttlebutt has it that former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is hankering to be Secretary of State in a Clinton Administration.

Trump surrogate and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is doing his imitation of one of the monkeys with his “see no evil” routine saying about Trump’s female accusers, the assaults “couldn’t possibly have happened.”

The Clinton campaign tried unsuccessfully to move back the Illinois primary this election season, according to hacked emails: The overall goal is to move the IL primary out of mid-March, where they are currently a lifeline to a moderate Republican candidate after the mostly southern Super Tuesday,” Mook wrote. “IL was a key early win for (GOP presidential candidate Mitt) Romney” in 2012.

Clinton and staff thought the private email server scandal would blow over a weekend and be the end of it.

They were wrong.

Goal would be to cauterize this just enough so it plays out over the weekend and dies in the short term.”

Not happy with the choices for President?

Maybe this is a solution: Voters Only Hope

Tune in next week for another Political Circus.

Cornfield Standings: 23 Days Out


As of today there are 23 days until the November 8th General Election. This election may be one of the most crucial in decades.

Not only do we have a host of local and state elections occurring, but the both the US House of Representatives and US Senate face either retaining Republican control or either or both turning over to the Democrats.

Then there is the change in guard in the nation’s two highest offices – the President and the Vice President. Who wins the election for the Oval Office will also impact the direction of the US Supreme court for generations.

Each Saturday between now and Election Day, I will show where the top state and national candidates rate as far as getting my vote.

From the President to Governor to Senator and Representative, you can see how I am leaning from week to week.


  • Libertarian Gary Johnson – 0 Ear of Corn
  • Republican Donald Trump – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Hillary Clinton – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Green Party Jill Stein – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Write-in Myself – 4 Ears of Corn (Voters Only Hope)

US Senator:

  • Democrat Evan Bayh – 4 Ears of Corn (Why Bayh)
  • Republican Todd Young – 0 Ears of Corn

8th District Congressional Representative:

  • Republican Dr. Larry Buschon – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Ron Drake – 0 Ears of Corn

Indiana Governor:

  • Democrat John Gregg – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Republican Eric Holcomb – 0 Ears of Corn

This does not mean between now and November my mind can’t be changed. This is just how I am leaning at this point in time.

From the Cornfield, that’s how I view the races.

How are you leaning in your state and national elections?

Voters Only Hope


In less than four weeks, Americans will choose whom they wish to occupy the Oval Office for the next four years.

What are American voters to do?

Topping the choices are the two most disliked nominees in the history of American politics – Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. One or the other is expected to become the next President of the United States.

But what if the voters decide not to hand either candidate the crown?

It can be done.

What if rather than holding our noses and voting for the person we dislike less or throwing away our vote on either the Libertarian Gary Johnson, the Greens Jill Stein or the real long shot #NeverTrump Evan McMullin, the voters rebel and do as I suggested in last Saturday’s Cornfield Standings and write-in their own name or anyone’s name to be President?

What if by doing so, neither Trump nor Clinton has an Electoral College majority, throwing the election into the US House of Representatives to decide?

We could actually get a Mike Pence or Tim Kaine presidency.

We could get a Paul Ryan or Corey Booker presidency.

Americans would get a do-over and not be  stuck with a choice between two people Americans do not want.

But do American voters have the courage to reject these candidates?

From the Cornfield, voters only hope this election cycle is to cast a ballot for anyone, but Clinton or Trump.

Second Debate Another Draw


That was some debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Though, I must admit, as the night wore on, it became rather boring.

The highlight of the night for me was the very end. No, not because it was over, but the final question and the responses from the two presidential wannabes.

The question was to name one thing that each found admirable in the other.

Clinton commended Trump on his children. She noted she may disagree with almost everything Trump says and stands for, but that his children and how they are spoke well for Trump as their father.

For Trump, it was the fact that Clinton never backs down. Trump said she was a fighter that kept going rather than backing down even though he disagrees with much of what she is fighting for.

This to me was the best part of the entire second Presidential Debate.

Yet, when all was said and done, to me this second debate was another draw between the two candidates.

Both Clinton and Trump said what they needed to say to keep their supporters. But neither of the two said anything to pull more voters into their tent.

This last month of the election cycle is still open to a win or draw when the votes are cast on November 8.

The CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers scored a win for Clinton. The network admitted as it does each time that the poll is skewed in favor of the Democratic nominee.

Watching the entire debate, what I found interesting is that though it was a town hall format, the audience participation was minimal. There was also little to no interaction by the presidential office seekers with the people who asked questions.

Trump stopped the defection following his lewd and lascivious remarks revealed over the weekend.

Clinton stood her ground and did not allow women who accused her husband, former President Bill, of sexual assault seated in the audience to rattle her.

Both candidates said the words that rang true to their supporters.

Both stumbled over chinks in their armor.

Clinton had trouble answering accusations on use of a private email server and revelations of a public and private view.

Trump had trouble in his apology for his remarks bragging about sexual assaults on women.

Yet when all was said and done, both candidates were standing at the end of the night with their base in tact.

From the Cornfield, Trump did better this time around. Clinton was so-so, but solid.

At the end of the night, no significant change in who is voting for whom.

The undecided remain undecided.

Political Circus: October 3 – 9


Between now and election day, November 8, a look back at the political circus during the prior week.

Monday, 10/3/2016:

Did Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump legally not pay any federal income taxes for nearly two decades after reporting a nearly $1 billion loss in 1995?

Does it matter?

The New York Times is reporting that Trump lost nearly $1 billion in 1995, which would legally exempt him from paying taxes for up to 18 years.

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, “I have to get smarter.”

You think?

Can Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton be able to attract the must-get Millennial vote after her disparaging remarks behind closed doors about supporters of former rival Bernie Sanders?

Did Trump suggest Clinton played around on her husband, former President Bill?

Reportedly, Wikileaks is set to release damaging information which was hacked in the past year from the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic entities, which will spell trouble for the Clinton campaign.

If the numbers who turned out for a Trump rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania on Saturday night are any indication, Trump has the Amish vote.

Johnson is polling over 20% in both Colorado and New Mexico – the Clinton camp is worried.

The National Educators Association (NEA) is putting the onus square on Trump for a rise in bullying in schools. The union does back Clinton.

Worried about keeping control of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, House Speaker Paul Ryan is out on the trail stumping for endangered Republicans.

Ryan plans a swing through 17 states and 42 cities from several corners of the nation, from Texas to Florida to New York.

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll found that nearly 7 in 10 third-party supporters say they could still change their minds.

Saturday Night Live made its season debut Saturday night ripe with fodder from last Monday’s debate making hay out of both Trump and Clinton.

The jokes hit both candidates, but much more so Trump, which was expected with the writers and actors decidedly with a liberal bent and with ultra-liberal Alex Baldwin doing the impression of Trump.

The Vice Presidential Debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence will take place on Tuesday at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Will Pence be able to apply the right salve to heal the self-inflicted wounds Trump has caused this past week?

Trump and Clinton meet again at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri for the second Presidential Debate this Sunday.

Will the candidates talk about the Supreme Court?

Tuesday 10/4/2016:

The Vice Presidential Debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence will takes place on tonight at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia at 9 p.m. (ET)

Moderating tonight’s debate will be CBSN anchor Elaine Quijano, the first ever digital reporter to sit in that seat. She is also the first Asian-American moderator.

Will Pence be able to apply the right salve to heal the self-inflicted wounds Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has caused this past week?

Question is: Will anyone bother to watch the #2s face-off?

Following a terrible week for Trump, new polls have Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton up by 5 points, 47% to 42%.

Cease and desist.

Late yesterday, the Trump Foundation was served a cease and desist order on soliciting donations in the State of New York from the State Attorney General’s office.

Speaking before veterans on Monday, Trump talked about the suicide epidemic among returning military members, those with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Trump said they were not strong.

This has led to rebuke from some, including Vice President Joe Biden. However, the veteran who posed the question to Trump, did not see things the way others did.

Putting on the pressure, Clinton suggested a new law to force presidential candidates to reveal their tax returns in order to run for the nation’s highest office.

Some 20 states have been victims of attempted hacks of their election systems, it was revealed on Monday.

While Julian Assange of Wikileaks notoriety said more documents will be released soon, it will not be today or tomorrow it looks like.

There has been a misquoting of me and Wikileaks publications … (suggesting) we intend to harm Hillary Clinton or I intend to harm Hillary Clinton or that I don’t like Hillary Clinton. All those are false,” Assange said.

The material that WikiLeaks is going to publish before the end of the year is of … a very significant moment in different directions, affecting three powerful organizations in three different states as well as … the U.S election process,” he said via a video link at an event marking the group’s 10th anniversary.

Forbes has downgraded Trump’s net worth to $3.7 billion and placed in 156th of the top 400 wealthiest Americans.

A new analysis from The Washington Post says these five states are key to the GOP holding on to the US Senate: Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The Cornfield will very likely go for Evan Bayh, the Democratic candidate, to replace retiring Republican Senator Dan Coats. Tea Party darling Todd Young is pulling closer, but still expected to lose.

The Hill provides us five things to watch for during tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate:

a. Can Pence change the narrative?
b. Will tax returns dominate the debate?
c. Can Kaine give strong defense of Clinton?
d. Do voters care?
e. Will there be a memorable moment?

The breakdown: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/299047-five-things-to-watch-for-in-the-vice-presidential-debate

Did Trump use his charitable foundation to fund his launch for the White House?

A new story from Real Clear Politics is suggesting that the business mogul did just that: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2016/10/04/trump_used_foundation_funds_for_2016_run_filings_suggest.html

Incumbent New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte stumbled over whether Trump is a good role model for her children during a debate with Democratic rival Governor Maggie Hassan last night.

Ayotte and Hassan are in a battle royale, which could determine control of the Senate.

The Clinton Foundation plans to lay off 74 employees due to the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Wednesday 10/5/2016:

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence squared off with Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine in what turned out to be anything, but a boring debate last night.

Pence came out on top as Kaine seemed pushy and rude.

But the big question is did Pence stop the bleeding from self-inflicted wounds his running mate, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, opened over the past week?

What does seem apparent is that American voters were introduced to the front runner in the 2020 or 2024 presidential race on the GOP side of the aisle.

Sorry, other Republican wannabes (Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio), Pence has claimed and owns the mantle of Ronald Reagan.

My take on last night: Pence Takes the Night.

Prior to last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, the Republican National Committee went Willy Horton on Kaine with a new web ad.

For the first time this election cycle, social politics entered the conversation when at the end of the debate there was a discussion about abortion.

Both sounded reasonable, but for Trump, Pence’s remarks will not engender him to needed female voters.

Former President and husband of the Democratic presidential nominee called the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare, “the craziest thing in the world.”


A 15-year-old, sophomore girl asked Clinton about what she would do to counter Trump’s body shaming women, which is having an impact on her and other girls at her school.


Does not help Trump with women voters.

Does this make sense?

Clinton has out on the trail with her: Kaine, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, Senator Uncle Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Trump has himself and Pence.

So why as Clinton asks isn’t she 50 points ahead instead of being locked in such a close campaign?

Word is former Vice President Al Gore will soon be out stumping for Clinton as well.

Nearly half as many people tuned into the debate.

Kaine interrupted Pence over 70 times during their face-off.

Son #2, Eric Trump, told CNN‘s Dana Bash last night that Trump has paid federal income taxes over the past 20 years.

Scuttlebutt has it that Trump is a bit peeved that Pence upstaged him during his performance at last night’s debate.

Gucifer 2.0, the hacker believed to be an agent or agents of the Russian government, released some documents purported to be from a hack of the Clinton Foundation, but the veracity of the documents is in question.

Trump and Clinton meet again at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri for the second Presidential Debate on Sunday.

The format will be a town hall, which will have voters asking most of the questions. The candidates will have to relate one-on-one with those voters.

My choice for US Senator from Indiana: Why Bayh.

Thursday 10/6/2016:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took credit for his running mate Mike Pence winning the debate of the vice presidential candidates on Tuesday night because he picked Pence to fill the #2 spot on the ticket.

The latest in the apparent ill-informed world of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson: when asked to name the leader of North Korea, Johnson blanked again.

Johnson’s excuse?

It’s because we elect people who can dot the I’s and cross the T’s on these names and geographic locations as opposed to the underlying philosophy, which is, let’s stop getting involved in these regime changes.


I guess ignorance must truly be bliss.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may be off the campaign trail prepping for Sunday night’s debate, but she is moving ahead in all the battleground state polls.

Some 30 former Republican legislators signed a letter in opposition to Trump.

With Hurricane Matthew threatening the Atlantic Seaboard, both Trump and Clinton offered words of warning.

Hurricane #Matthew is a major storm. I urge everyone to follow emergency instructions and evacuate if you’re told to. Stay safe Florida,” Clinton tweeted on Thursday.

Praying for everyone in Florida. Hoping the hurricane dissipates, but in any event, please be careful,” Trump tweeted.

The Atlantic is stingy with its endorsements. In fact only twice before has the magazine endorsed – Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

That is in the last 160 years or so.

For only the third time, citing a lack of qualification to lead the nation, The Atlantic came out for Clinton.

…we are mainly concerned with the Republican Party’s nominee, Donald J. Trump, who might be the most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency.”

Friday 10/7/2016:

Matthew or no Matthew, Florida Governor Rick Scott will not extend the deadline to register to vote in November’s General Election.

A new batch of some 200 emails released by the State Department from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton indicate that State and the Clinton Foundation did work together on ensuring donors to the foundation landed on guest lists of State functions.

The documents also reveal the White House coordinated with the Clinton campaign on the email scandal. (http://www.wsj.com/articles/white-house-coordinated-on-clinton-email-issues-new-documents-show-1475798310)

That town hall Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had in New Hampshire last night turned out not to be debate prep, according to Trump. Judging the way it went, Trump was right saying so.

#NeverTrump independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin has picked Mindy Finn, a political and digital strategist as his running mate in his long-shot bid.

Clinton and Trump are off the trail today. However, Clinton big gun surrogates are out and stumping hard.

Reportedly, cases of election stress disorder are popping up all over the nation.

Could Hurricane Matthew affect the presidential election?

According to this article it could: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/10/07/3-ways-big-storms-like-hurricane-matthew-can-impact-an-election/

It is an interesting read.


At a meeting with his National Border Patrol Council, Trump accepted the suggestion from one council member that the Administration is speeding up the immigration process to allow the new immigrants to vote for Clinton.

To me, that’s huge,” Trump said. “They’re letting people pour into the country so they can go and vote.”

Honey, who was that on the phone?

Oh, it was Ted Cruz asking me to cast a vote of conscience for Donald Trump.

A Republican Party website selling campaign stickers and other political gear is among thousands of websites infected with a credit-card stealing virus that sent data to a server in Russia, according to a Dutch security researcher.

Sunday 10/9/2016:

  • Can Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, survive until Election Day, November 8?

Tonight is debate night in America as Trump faces not only Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but voters in a town hall who will be asking the questions at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Will the revelations of lewd and lascivious audio and video of Trump disparaging women, laughing about sexual assault, sink his floundering campaign?

Will Clinton skate on revelations of colluding with the White House about her private email server, telling Goldman-Sachs and Deutsche Bank not to worry about what she says to voters?

What about Clinton saying to the bankers her dream is open borders and a hemisphere free trade zone?

Yet, fact checkers and the Clinton campaign said she never said any of this. The hacked emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta say otherwise.

Clinton admitted in the speeches to the money people that she is “out of touch” with the average American.

Does any of this matter?

What are voters to do?

Voters Face Dilemma – my take.

Republican elected officials are distancing themselves from Trump in droves.

The Clinton campaign is staying silent, but behind closed doors dancing in the streets.

Will there be a repeat of the 1912 revolt by Teddy Roosevelt and his Bullmoose supporters when the GOP split into two camps?

While Trump has issued to statements including the word, “apologize,” the remorse is not playing in Peoria.

Trump’s wife, Melania, put out a tweet saying that she was abhorred by her husband’s comments and jumped him over the remarks. She went on to say she had forgiven her husband and hoped that American voters would do the same.


After being disinvited to a rally in Wisconsin by House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump asked running mate Mike Pence to speak in his stead. Pence declined, saying he could not support or defend Trump’s words.

Pence was suppose to appear on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper today, but instead Rudy Giuliani showed up.

Is there a pattern emerging?

Could Pence end up President if neither Clinton nor Trump getting a majority in the Electoral College?

Something top think about: No Electoral Majority – Then What?

Where is Trump’s female campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has reportedly ordered the staff to redirect resources away from Trump.

People are calling and saying, ‘Don’t even think about doing anything else but running,” Trump tweeted. “The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly – I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN!

A poll from Politico following the release of the video and audio revealed that more than 7 in 10 Republican voters want Trump to stay in the race.

Another traditionally Republican newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, broke a 100-year tradition and endorsed Clinton.

An ABC poll reveals 43% of Americans think Trump should withdraw from the race in light of the revealed video.

Can Trump survive?

Transgender people in the Cornfield may have a rough time voting come November. At issue is that some transgender individuals may not want to be “outed” to poll workers.

It’s that forced outing that keeps a lot of people from doing things that require them to show an ID,” said Kit Malone, a transgender educator with Freedom Indiana, an advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. “Any time I have to do that, I become nervous that someone is going to make a big deal about it.”

There have not been any complaints or concerns raised, however, in past election cycles in the Cornfield by transgender individuals.

The New York Times offers us four things to watch for in tonight’s debate:

a. Does Trump show up?
b. Does Trump go nuclear?
c. Who will wow the crowd?
d. Will Clinton control the debate again?

Will the number of viewers top the last time Clinton and Trump faced off when 84 million people tuned in?

Tune in next week for another Political Circus.

Voters Face Dilemma


Nearly two years ago the race to replace President Barack Obama in the Oval Office took off to a less than stellar start.

More than 100 wannabes threw their names in the hat to be whittled down to two major party candidates and two third-party candidates, who can impact the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election.

During this summer, the American voters were stuck with the two most unpopular nominees from the Republicans and Democrats – for that matter any political party – in American history.

From the Republicans we have Donald Trump – reality television star and businessman.Misogynist, self-absorbed, laughs about sexual abuse and incest.

From the Democrats we have Hillary Clinton – consummate politician,former Secretary of State, former Senator, former First Lady of the US of A, former First Lady of Arkansas and former Goldwater Girl (look it up). Devoid of trust and likability, will say anything to get elected.

From the Libertarians, there is Gary Johnson – former two-term New Mexico Governor and businessman. He is also a goof ball with no regard to foreign affairs which affects his primary job as President to be Commander-in-Chief.

From the Green Party hails Dr. Jill Stein, who would rather go to jail than use reason. Camped so far to the left her only chance is if she lived in her own private Utopia.

For American voters, it is a dilemma.

Various polls and surveys reveal that enthusiasm for any of the candidates is sorely lacking. The surveys reveal that most people plan to cast a vote NOT for a candidate, but against the other candidate.

Check out this article from a couple of weeks ago: What’s on the Minds of Voters.

Now in the last 48 hours an already unbelievable campaign season has been turned inside out again.

Audio and video of Trump talking like Trump and saying what everyone already knew has surfaced. Knowing and hearing and seeing are not the same.

Republicans are running away like someone being chased by a swarm of yellow jackets. Cries are going out to replace Trump with his running mate Mike Pence.

Lost in all the hullabaloo, are new email revelations about Clinton, which should sink her candidacy as well. There is the revelation the White House colluded with Clinton and her campaign on how to deal with the scandal over her use of a private email server while at State.

Then there are those transcripts of speeches with Goldman-Sachs that proves she lies to the public and says and does another when being paid big bucks.

This is all the backdrop for the second Presidential Debate, which will happen Sunday night at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

What are voters to do?

We have the choice of four candidates, none of whom meet up to the standard Americans deserve.

Please do not tell me about Evan McMullin, the #NeverTrump independent. He can’t even get on half of the ballots.

Today in my Cornfield Standings, I gave four ears of corn to Writing In Myself. That is how frustrated I am as a political junkie.

What would happen if the rest of us who have not voted, actually wrote in ourselves?

Could we then get a new election with candidates deserving of our vote?

Or would it fall to the US House of Representatives to pick a President of the Congress own choosing?

Thousands, perhaps millions, of early voters have already cast ballots.

What are voters to do?

What if Wikileaks does come out with even worse about Clinton that seals her fate and proves she broke the law?

What if more audio, images and video come out about Trump?

I am also nauseated by the hypocrisy and the fake outrage of so many in the national press. The umbrage is so transparent.

How much of this really is “breaking news?

How much of this has been known by many in the media for years, for decades?

Will we ever get back an objective press?

From the Cornfield, I do not have an answer. I am totally flustered.

I have no clue what to do come November 8.

How much stink can any of us hold our noses for before the smell puts us in a coma?

Cornfield Standings: 30 Days Out


As of today there are 30 days until the November 8th General Election. This election may be one of the most crucial in decades.

Not only do we have a host of local and state elections occurring, but the both the US House of Representatives and US Senate face either retaining Republican control or either or both turning over to the Democrats.

Then there is the change in guard in the nation’s two highest offices – the President and the Vice President. Who wins the election for the Oval Office will also impact the direction of the US Supreme court for generations.

Each Saturday between now and Election Day, I will show where the top state and national candidates rate as far as getting my vote.

From the President to Governor to Senator and Representative, you can see how I am leaning from week to week.


  • Libertarian Gary Johnson – 0 Ear of Corn
  • Republican Donald Trump – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Hillary Clinton – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Green Party Jill Stein – 0 Ears of Corn
  • Write-in Myself – 4 Ears of Corn

US Senator:

  • Democrat Evan Bayh – 4 Ears of Corn (Why Bayh)
  • Republican Todd Young – 0 Ears of Corn

8th District Congressional Representative:

  • Republican Dr. Larry Buschon – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Democrat Ron Drake – 0 Ears of Corn

Indiana Governor:

  • Democrat John Gregg – 4 Ears of Corn
  • Republican Eric Holcomb – 0 Ears of Corn

This does not mean between now and November my mind can’t be changed. This is just how I am leaning at this point in time.

From the Cornfield, that’s how I view the races.

How are you leaning in your state and national elections?